How to Increase Bluetooth Headset Volume in Android

With the ongoing trend of the removal of 3.5mm jacks from devices, Bluetooth headsets are getting more and more popular. Many Bluetooth headsets out there come with media control buttons as well. While this certainly makes things easier for the general consumer to be able to control the media volume easily using their Bluetooth headset, there is a catch to it. You see, each Bluetooth headset has its own media volume as well. Sadly though, once you connect it to your Android device, the volume buttons on your headset only control the media volume of your Android device. As such, the normal user never gets to experience the full audio capability of their Bluetooth headset. Well, fret not, as we have a fix. So, if you own a pair of Bluetooth headsets with media buttons, read on, as this article is a must for you:

Increase Bluetooth Headset Volume

Note: The following method works on Android Nougat (7.0+) devices. I tried the following method on my Nokia 8 running Android Oreo (8.0) with my Boat Rockerz 510, and it worked just fine.

  •  To begin with, enable the Developer Options on your device. To do so, head over to System -> About phone, and tap on “Build number” seven times. Now, head over to Settings -> System -> Developer options.

Enable Developer Options

  •  Once inside the Developer options, scroll all the way down to the “Networking” section. Here, enable the toggle next to “Disable absolute volume”.

Disable absolute volume

  •  And that’s it. Your Bluetooth device volume and system device volume will now be seperate. You can now max out both of them individually in order to ensure louder media volume.

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Get the Maximum Audio Quality From Your Bluetooth Devices

With Android Nougat (7.0), Google merged both the volume controls into one. While this certainly makes things convenient for most users, it’s problematic for certain users since their Bluetooth headset is stuck on the volume setting that the device is on. Thanks to the above trick, the volume rockers on my Android device now control the media volume, while the volume buttons on my headset control the playback volume. With both the toggles maxed out, am able to enjoy maximum sound output from my Bluetooth headset.

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  • Mani says:

    I dont have disable absolute volume under developer option on my honor 8c. What should i do

  • Judi says:

    Yes!! This helps me put my RHA bluetooth headset to much lower volume than the tied phone-headset volume would allow. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Shady says:

    I was searching for this solution for quite some time. Thank you so much!

  • Thiemo says:

    I Just got my mate 20 pro and i’m searching for exactly the Opposite. I hate it being sepered, i always go in the shower with my jbl Xtreme two and than find out that the speaker is at it’s max but i can’t get my phone to turn up the volume. It just sucks, but i can’t find a way to have the full control on my phone…. Anyone?

  • ashish says:

    Worked on Asus Zenfone 5Z and 1+ Bullet Headset
    many Thanks!!!!!

  • B to the B says:

    Thank you! I have been searching for this answer for days. Now it workes.

  • Jeff says:

    Made my day! Thanks!

  • Scotty Mitchell says:

    Worked on my Xa1 and Bose Soundlink 2 combo.
    Much appreciated.

  • Sreyas Dutt says:

    I’m using Skullcandy ink’s wireless earphones , my earphones volume up button is not working so I can’t control the volume in device if I max volume in phone it’ll only reach 50% of the device volume the rest 50 should be controlled in device . I’m using Honor play and I don’t find this absolute volume option in developer option please help me .

    PS. I was using Moto G5s plus with custom ROM and when I increase volume in that it’ll reach 100% volume there’s no need for the device buttons to control

  • Stewart H says:

    Didn’t work for my LG HBS750’s! Went through the whole procedure and even restarted my Pixel 2 and the new update still has my headset volume obnoxiously tethered to the phone’s volume controls…

  • Drinking_Hitler_Cum says:

    Excellent, wordography play there my fairman. One, almost could say this is a little wordplay for the foreplay, you know what i mean.

  • Charlotte smith says:

    I can’t seem to get my bluetooth headset to increase volume only my regular earbugs is louder. Any suggestions?

  • Aaron says:

    You saved me! Thank you!

  • C H Hou says:

    WOW, thank you thank you thank you. That’s all I can say.

  • Pritchard M. Musonda says:

    Life saver. My cans we’re distorting because they were underpowered while trying to play a loud incoming signal. Not to mention the volume granularity was between whisper and scream with the volume tied between devices.

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