How to Find End City in Minecraft (3 Easy Methods)

Even after the arrival of Ancient cities in Minecraft, the End cities are still one of the best structures to loot in the game. Not to forget, the End Cities are the only source for special items like Elytra or ingredients for a Shulker box. But all of its amazing treasures come at a cost, which is the fact that they are tiringly hard to find. However, we have a few ways to make your exploration easier. So, just make sure your tools are in place because it’s time to learn how to find End city in Minecraft.

How to Find End City in Minecraft

First, we have covered the basics of End cities in Minecraft, along with the End ships. This is followed by the numerous methods you can use to locate the End city, which you can navigate to using the table below:

What Is an End City in Minecraft

An End City is a group of various Minecraft structures that spawn on floating islands in the End dimension. They only appear on the outer islands of the End, which spawn far from the main island where the Ender Dragon resides. Learn how to hatch an Ender Dragon egg while you are here. Furthermore, the End cities are made up of various small towers and skyscrapers.

End Highlands End City Minecraft

What Is an End Ship in Minecraft

Minecraft also spawns a separate structure called End ships, right alongside the End cities. They look similar to large ships and hold one of the best treasures in the game. In our guide, we are simply treating them as a part of the End cities. If you find one, the other will be right next to it.

How to Find End City in Minecraft

If you don’t want to use cheats or special tools to find End cities, here’s the traditional way to explore and find an End city in Minecraft:

Method 1: Explore and Find End City

1. First, go to the End dimension through the Minecraft End portal, which spawns in a stronghold. We already have a guide in place to help you easily find a stronghold in Minecraft and use Eyes of Ender to activate the portal.

2. Then, you need to kill the Ender Dragon if you haven’t defeated it already.

3. Once the dragon is dead, you need to search for End gateway portals. They are small floating structures made of Bedrock with a small portal in the middle.

4. Go near one of these gateways and throw an Ender pearl into the small portal. It’s too small to directly walk into, so you have to rely on the Ender pearls to use it. For those wondering how to get enough Ender pearls, we suggest you make an Enderman farm in your Minecraft world.

5. The gateway portal will teleport you to the outskirts of the End dimension. Here, you have to build bridges between floating islands until you find the End cities. We suggest you skip the smaller islands as they don’t have anything useful to offer.

Method 2: Use Command to Find End City

If you want to skip the exploration and don’t mind using cheats, follow the steps below to find and reach the End city in Minecraft using commands in no time:

1. First, turn on the cheats in your Minecraft world. You will find the “Activate Cheats” toggle in world settings on Minecraft Bedrock edition and the “Allow Cheats” option in the LAN World settings on the Java edition.

2. Then, go to the End dimension in Minecraft and make sure that the Ender dragon is no more.

3. Finally, use the following command to find the coordinates of the closest End City:

/locate structure minecraft:end_city (on 1.19 & higher)

/locate minecraft:end_city (on older editions)

4. Finally, you can manually travel to those coordinates or teleport to those coordinates in Minecraft to reach the End city with ease.

Method 3: Use Minecraft End City Finder

The last and final way to locate End cities is by using a third-party tool. Follow these steps to use the End city finder tool to easily locate the End city in Minecraft:

1. First, you need to find the seed code of your Minecraft world. For that, use the following command on the Java edition. Meanwhile, on the Bedrock edition, you can find your seed code under the world settings in the pause menu.


2. After that, open your favorite internet browser on Windows and navigate to Chunkbase’s End city finder tool. Here, input your world seed code in the “seed” column and select your game’s edition and version from the dropdown list.

3. Then, go to the End City map on the same page and hover over the black dots. Each dot represents a different End city. While you are hovering over it, the coordinates for that particular End city will appear on the bottom left corner of the map. Use these coordinates to then navigate to the End City location in-game or teleport to it.

Uses of End Cities in Minecraft

Other than looking like one of the best structures in Minecraft, End Cities also feature a ton of interesting and exciting loot. Here are all the items you can find in an End City:

Minecraft End City FAQs

What is the fastest way to find the End city?

The locate command in Minecraft is the fastest way to find the End city in Minecraft, and we have described it in detail in our guide.

How rare is an End city?

Because of their random spawning, End cities are quite rare. You can travel hundreds of blocks without encountering one.

How many Elytras can you get?

You can find as many Elytras as the number of End cities you come across in the End Dimension. There is no upper limit to the same, so you can practically get unlimited Elytras.

What should I bring to the End city?

While exploring the End, you are bound to come across Endermen. To avoid getting killed by them, we suggest you carry some food and weapons with you. Moreover, you should also bring some items to avoid fall damage in Minecraft while fighting Shulker hostile mobs in Minecraft.

Find and Explore End City in Minecraft

With that, you are now ready to find and loot End cities in Minecraft’s End Dimension. But the task comes with certain fatal risks involved. So make sure to use the best Minecraft enchantments on your tools and have a recovery compass on you at all times in case of unfortunate circumstances. Though, even with the scattered End cities, the End dimension feels a bit dry in comparison to other Minecraft dimensions. Hopefully, the Minecraft 1.20 update might fix that, as the portal structure in the Ancient City has been teasing us for months now. Do you have any suggestions for eventual evolutions of the End dimension? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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