How to Enable Native Ad-Blocker in Chrome Android

While we all know that Google earns money by displaying ads, most of us don’t realize that the company also has a very strict policy on how websites display ads on them. Google has formed very stringent rules for display advertisement, especially for the mobile version of the websites. The company knows that if there are too many ads on a website, it hampers the user experience. That’s why Google warns websites against putting what it calls “Intrusive ads”. In fact, Google also gives users a native way to block Intrusive ads in Chrome on Android. So, if you have been seeing too many ads while browsing the web on your Android device, here is how you can disable them natively in Chrome:

Enable Chrome’s Native Ad-Blocker on Android

  1. Launch Google Chrome and tap on the three-dot menu. Now, tap on “Settings”.

Block Intrusive Ads Natively in Google Chrome 1

2. Now, tap to open the “Site Settings” and then tap on “Ads”.

Block Intrusive Ads Natively in Google Chrome 2

3. Here, if you find that the toggle for Ads is enabled, tap on it to disable it.

Block Intrusive Ads Natively in Google Chrome 4

Once you do that, Google Chrome will block all the intrusive ads which you see while browsing the web on Chrome. Do remember that this will not disable all the ads. It will only block those ads which are not complaint with its ad policies while showing those which follow its rules. This is a great way to block unnecessary ads while supporting the websites that you love and enjoy.

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Block Intrusive Ads in Google Chrome on Android

I love that a company like Google whose main source of revenue is from advertisements puts efforts in framing the policies for good advertisement. Google has also been known to punish websites which do not follow its norms by down-ranking them in the search results. The above-mentioned setting is for websites which are too greedy and don’t care about Google’s fair ads policy. Well, now you how you can block intrusive ads so that you can enjoy surfing the web without getting bombarded with ads.

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