House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 4: Is Aegon Dead? Answered

The anticipated war between the Greens and the Blacks has begun, and as always, Aegon II has been seen acting stupid. However, his actions backfired this time, and we see him lying on the ground with his dragon after being maimed during the flight. Ser Criston Cole also passes out for a brief period of time, and when he regains consciousness, the first thought that comes to his mind is, ‘ Is Aegon alright?’ Well, that’s what every fan has been thinking after witnessing the shocking ending of HOTD Season 2 Episode 4. Let’s find out whether Aegon Targaryen is dead.

Aegon Is Not Dead but Survives Marginally

Aegon from HOTD
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Intriguingly, even after receiving fatal injuries, Aegon II is alive, as seen in the trailer for the upcoming episode. House of the Dragon has made some massive changes while adapting the content from George R.R. Martin’s books so far. But thank goodness the creators didn’t alter Aegon’s storyline from the books and didn’t make him die this soon.

Aegon was never the right choice for the throne, and that’s why King Viserys didn’t change his mind even after years. He has always made decisions impulsively without thinking of the consequences. For instance, after losing Jahaerys, he hanged all the rat catchers of the Red Keep, and when Otto Hightower criticized him, Aegon didn’t take a second to remove him from the Hand’s position. Besides that, he appointed Ser Criston Cole as the Hand (which was, of course, bad news).

Now, as the battle at Rook’s Rest has commenced, Aegon arrives on his dragon even though it wasn’t needed. After that, we see three powerful dragons attacking each other: Meleys, Sunfyre, and Vhagar. Meleys dies with Rhaenys, Sunfyre and Aegon crash on the ground after receiving severe injuries while Vhagar and her rider, Aemond, remain unharmed.

As per books, Aegon II Targaryen was injured badly in the battle of Rook’s Rest. He was recovered from the battlefield with broken arms, and legs and severe burns all over his body. Aegon remained incapacitated for a complete year after the battle

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