Google Maps ‘Incognito Mode’ Rolled Out to Select Users Ahead of Official Launch

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After rolling it out to YouTube earlier this year, Google is all set to bring the ‘Incognito Mode’ to its Maps and Search apps as part of its plans to reassure users about their privacy. Believed to have been first spotted by XDA, the feature has just started rolling out to users who are part of the Google Maps Preview program, but there’s no word on when it might be available to all users.

In case you don’t know it already, Google recently announced plans to introduce the ‘Incognito Mode’ to its Maps and Search apps. Making the announcement during his keynote speech at the company’s I/O developer conference in California earlier this year, CEO Sundar Pichai said: “Incognito mode has been a popular feature in Chrome since it launched, and we are bringing this to Maps”.

According to Pichai, the feature will enable users to block Google from associating the places they search for or navigate to, from being associated with their Google accounts. Users will be able to activate the private mode in Maps by tapping on their profile picture in the search bar at the top and selecting the “Turn on Incognito mode” option from the ensuing menu screen, as seen in the GIF above.

Best known for its implementation in Google Chrome, the privacy-centric ‘Incognito Mode’ is being rolled out to a number of Google apps in recent times so as to help users preserve their privacy while on the internet. While Google Maps is seemingly all set to be the next in line after YouTube to get the feature, it will be interesting to see when the company will bring it to Google Search.

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