pixel 4a leak featured

Google May Launch Three Mid-Range Pixel Phones This Year

pixel 4a leak featured

Contrary to recent speculations that Google may only release a single mid-range Pixel device this year, latest developments suggest that there might be at least two, may be even three, Pixel 4a-series smartphones in 2020, including at least one with 5G. That’s according to XDA editor-in-chief, Mishaal Rahman, who says he found code-names for possibly three new Pixel devices – sunfish, bramble and redfin – in AOSP repositories. While the first two are very likely the next-gen mid-rangers from Google, it isn’t immediately clear whether ‘redfin’ is a phone or a development board.

First off is the ‘sunfish’, which is reportedly mentioned in an AOSP repository, and it’s said to be directly based on the Snapdragon 730 SoC (sm7150). While it is expected to be only a 4G device, Rahman says Google may be also working on a budget 5G Pixel for this year. According to him, that will very likely be the ‘bramble’, which is mentioned ‘multiple times’ in AOSP. It is apparently based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765 platform (sm7250), which comes with an integrated 5G modem. It is said to be in development with Android 10 as well as Android 11.

Last off is the redfin, which is seemingly the most remarkable one of the lot. According to the report, the code-name was originally spotted on AOSP and, could represent either a smartphone or a development board based on the Snapdragon 765 platform. It is apparently being made by a Foxconn subsidiary called FIH Mobile with Android 10 on board. “Apart from AOSP, we haven’t spotted any references to ‘redfin’ on any other source—both online or offline”, says the report.

It isn’t immediately clear if redfin, bramble, and sunfish are indeed mid-range Pixel devices, but we should get a clearer picture in the days to come. If the pieces of the puzzle do come together, though, we may see up to three mid-range Pixel 4a-series devices this year, at least one of which should be compatible with 5G networks. Although, given that India is unlikely to get commercial 5G networks anytime soon, it will be interesting to see if Google will launch it in the country going forward.

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