Fortnite OG Update Release Date and Time

Fortnite gets its appeal from its ever-changing world. However, a lot of players look forward to upcoming OG updates that will be coming in the latest Chapter 4 of Season 5. These add a touch of throwback to the older times. This was when the game suddenly shifted to become a battle royale from a survival shooter. The new event aims to do two things. First, it plans to be a nostalgic experience for the players who’ve been playing the title since its launch. Hence, OGs, as the name suggests. Secondly, it plans on showcasing to the newer players how the island looked like before all the various events occurred.

However, while we have the release date for the event, Epic Games hasn’t shared the release times for the OG update of Fortnite. Don’t worry, though, as we have you covered. Keep reading to find out the release date and time of the next major update in the game based on past release times.

When Does the Fortnite Update Come Out?

While Fortnite has already confirmed that the new update for Chapter 4, Season 5, will come out on November 3, 2023, they haven’t disclosed the release time for it. The main menu has already been prepared to end the current season with a blank menu screen. As such, we know it is happening, but not when.

Based on past release times, we know Fortnite goes into maintenance mode right before its new seasons. It generally happens at around 3 AM ET. During this time, the servers go off, and it typically takes around 4 hours for the game to go live with the new season. If we consider the previous launch timings, Fortnite OG should start its maintenance around these times:

Western US1 AM PDT
Central US3 AM CST
United Kingdom8 AM GMT
Tokyo5 PM JST
India 1:00 PM IST

Keep in mind these are educated guesses, but the exact timing of the OG update may vary depending on how it actually rolls out. Nonetheless, it’s good to have an idea of when you can expect it.

What Can You Experience in the Upcoming Fortnite Event

As per the numerous teasers, leaks, and new teaser trailer, we have a rough idea about what Fortnite OG will be about. The new update in Chapter 4, Season 5, is rumored to be a one-month-long festivity. It will be a throwback event where the original map of Fortnite will return. With it, the classic hot zones like the famed Tilted Towers will also make their comeback.

The map is the 2018 version of the game, and as per more leaks, the map will constantly rotate and change throughout the month. Furthermore, numerous reputed Fortnite leakers and data miners have confirmed that the new season will have a new battle pass. However, as per one leaker, this will be a month-long event, as we mentioned, and not the usual 3-month season.

Furthermore, as shown in the trailer, guns like LMG and rideable vehicles like hoverboards will get unvaulted for this event. Even OG weapons like pump shotguns and hand cannons are making a comeback.

So, are you excited for the return of the original map? What are your plans for the first few days in-game? Let us know in the comments below.

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