Facebook Tests Quiet Mode on ‘Your Time on Facebook’

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In November 2018, Facebook started rolling out “Your Time on Facebook” – a feature that lets you keep track of the time you spend on the social media platform and set daily reminders to stay in control of your digital wellbeing. Now, the social media giant is testing two new options to improve the feature.

As spotted by popular app reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong, Facebook is working on two additional features to Your Time on Facebook namely Quiet Mode and Scheduled Quiet Mode.

As the name suggests, Quiet Mode lets you mute push notifications and limit notification dots for the app until a specific timeframe of your choice. If you’re interested, you may automate the process by making use of the Scheduled Quiet mode option.

Another noticeable change in the “Your Time on Facebook” redesign is that the options are now available in an organized fashion. The section shows you four categories – See your time, Manage your time, Get more from your time, and Control your notifications. Notably, ‘News Feed Preferences’ and ‘Friends on Facebook’ that were previously under ‘Manage your time’ is now under ‘Get more from your time’.

In the same tweet, Jane mentions that the development was confirmed by Facebook’s EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) Communications Manager, Alexandru Voica. Facebook has been “testing it for a few months and will continue to test and iterate”.

There is no word on the availability of the feature for the public just yet. We could expect Facebook to make an official announcement in the foreseeable future considering the development team has been testing the feature for a few months now.

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