Facebook is Working on an AI Assistant for Minecraft

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Facebook is developing an AI assistant for Minecraft, the popular sandbox game. With this attempt, the social media giant is aiming to bridge the gap in multitasking skills of AI.

Facebook Research team’s Minecraft AI will be able to interact with humans and will be able to perform tasks according to the player’s request. This will serve as a platform for the AI to enhance its multitasking capabilities by learning from the interactions since the game has about 91 million monthly players.

“The set of things a player could possibly do in the game is enormous; in the most naive sense, it is all possible ways of placing all the possible blocks into as big a world as fits in RAM,” says Arthur Szlam from Facebook Research.

The researchers also acknowledge the risk of poor accuracy of the assistant. “We believe we can make progress towards a useful assistant without having to be able to succeed at every possible request,” said the researchers.

If all these interests you, there is good news. The researchers have already made an early version of the assistant available for anyone to try which you can check out here. The steps to make the assistant up and running are provided in the README.md file of the GitHub repository. To know more about how the assistant works, feel free to check out the research paper from here.

This assistant has a lot of potential for improving the efficiency of today’s AI if it manages to grab the attention of Minecraft gamers present worldwide. So, what do you think of this new Minecraft assistant? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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