How to Beat Miquella’s Followers in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

Miquella’s Followers play an important role throughout the Elden Ring Shadow of the DLC’s main campaign. Before the final boss fights in Enir-Ilim, you must defeat all of Miquella’s followers in a battle royal style format. Every follower of Miquella has an NPC quest tied to them, and completing them will either make them fight against you or assist you during the final battle. The fight is generally simple but becomes difficult due to the large number of enemies simultaneously. So if you find yourself overwhelmed, keep reading as we show you how to beat Miquella’s followers in Enligh Ring Shadow of the Erdtree.

Miquella’s Followers Boss Fight Location in Elden Ring


The Miquella’s Followers boss fight takes place in Enir-Ilim, which can be accessed by burning the Sealing Tree using Messmer’s Kindling. After entering Enir-Ilim, the way is quite straightforward. Once you reach the Horned Warrior mini-boss, run past them to find Leda in a massive room filled with sand.

Talk with Needle Knight Leda and she will force you to fight her and her allies to reach Miquella. Now, you can use the Invader sign on the ground to start the Miquella’s Followers boss fight.

All of Miquella’s Followers Weaknesses in Elden Ring

Before we begin fighting these foes, let’s learn what makes them tick. As such, here are the weaknesses of all the Miquella’s followers in Elden Ring:

  • Redmane Freyja Weakness: Quick to attack while leaving herself open for incoming attacks.
  • Hornsent: Very susceptible to poise damage. Can be stun locked.
  • Moore: Weak from hits on the back. Circle around and hit from behind.
  • Dryleaf Dane: Very aggressive and doesn’t heal himself quickly. Can be quickly nuked by stun locking.
  • Needle Knight Leda: Weak to poise damage.

How to Defeat Miquella’s Followers in Elden Ring


I had completed Ansbach’s quest, providing the answer he was seeking. So, I am currently unable to tell whether he joins the fight or not, as he became an NPC summon for me during this fight.

The Miquella’s Followers boss fight is fairly simple. You need to defeat all of Miquella’s followers that are against you to win the fight. The followers spawn one by one and have a small time gap between each one. Here is the order they spawned during my Elden Ring DLC gameplay.

  1. Redmane Freyja
  2. Hornsent
  3. Moore
  4. Dryleaf Dane
  5. Needle Knight Leda

During the Miquella’s Followers boss fight, do not shy away from using Spirit Summons or any NPC summons available. This is important because, in the end, all of Miquella’s followers will gang up against you, throwing their honor out of the window. For me, I used Mimic Tear and summoned Ansbach during the fight.

  • To win the battle, you need to pick one of the followers and DPS them down as quickly as possible. The idea is to decrease their numbers before it becomes too overbearing.
  • After Moore joins the fight, both Dryleaf Dane and Needle Knight Leda will quickly spawn, generally forcing you to fight all three of them at once.
  • Between Moore, Dryleaf Dane, and Needle Knight Leda, target Dryleaf Dane first as he is the easiest to DPS down.
  • Next, focus on Needle Knight Leda, but be ready to dodge her incantations as she doesn’t get stun-locked as easily as Hornsent.
  • Finally, let Moore attack your summons while you go behind him and deal damage.

Provided you follow the pattern below you will easily be able to beat Miquella’s Followers in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree.

Miquella’s Followers Boss Fight Rewards in Elden Ring

Followers of Miquella Defeated Elden Ring

After defeating all of Miquella’s followers, you will get the Host Vanquished message with Leda’s Sword as a reward. Exit the invaded world successfully and you can continue your way to the final boss of the game.

After getting back to your own world, you will find the bodies of Miquella’s followers around the room. Now, you can collect the armor and weapons of all the followers of Miquella you fought during this battle. While not among the best Elden Ring weapons, they sure are powerful.

And that’s how you beat Miquella’s followers in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree. Are you still having trouble defeating them? Let us know in the comments below!

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