10 Best Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Talismans

Any Elden Ring player under the sun knows how rife the game is with the best Talismans. The latest Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is no different. While some Elden Ring DLC talismans increase critical hit capabilities, others perfect an existing formula. If you’ve just started the game, keep reading as we talk about the best Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree talismans you should get right now!

1. Talisman of All Crucibles

Talisman of all Crucibles Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

Location: Deep in the Ruah Ancient Ruins West

One of the first Talismans introduced in Elden Ring is a combination of every Crucible Talisman found in the game. The Talisman of All Crucibles reduces any critical hit damage taken, reduces the headshot damage from enemies, and improves your rolling and backstepping capabilities. However, all of that comes at the cost of incurring more damage from enemies. So, use this Talisman if you are struggling against a boss who does critical damage and wants better-dodging capabilities.

To get this Talisman, you have to visit the Ruah Ancient Ruins. You spawn at the Ruah Ancient Ruins West and go through the ruins to traverse a jumping puzzle and reach the area. I’ve written a guide for a detailed walkthrough, which you can check out here!

2. Aged One’s Exultation

The Aged One's Exultation Talisman

Aged One’s Exultation is possibly a harder and missable Talisman in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree. However, for any player running a Frenzy/Madness build, this probably might be one of the godsends out there. Aged One’s Exultation increases your damage based on your incurred madness. So, if your Madness bar is, let’s say, 50% complete, you’ll deal more significant damage. So, if you run a Madness/Frenzy build, consider using it.

The only confirmed method to get this Talisman is killing the Aged Ones at Abyssal Woods. Contrary to what the game says, you can kill them. And you can do so by parrying their attack. I have written a guide on tackling them, which you can read here.

3. Two-Headed Turtle Talisman

Two Headed Turtle Talisman

Location: Behind a waterfall at the Ellac River. Spawn at the Ellac River Cave Site of Grace and right towards the right.

The first best Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree talisman I’ll start with is the two-headed turtle talisman. Our choice is simple – better stamina recovery. It makes sense, right? Given how tough the bosses in the Elden Ring DLC are, you’d be rolling and even using your stamina a lot. As such, this is one of the best Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree talismans you should get.

Getting it requires you to travel through the Ellac River. Exit the grave at the Ellac River Cave Site of Grace and ride until you find a waterfall behind a giant crab. Ignore the crab and ride inside the waterfall to see this item guarded by the long spirit totems.

4. Crimson Seed Talisman +1

Crimson Seed best new Talisman in Elden Ring

Location: In the center of the Finger Ruins of Rhia, sound the hanging bell.

The Crimson Seed talisman is one of my favorite early-mid-game medallions from the base game. Thankfully, we now have its +3 variant in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree. It does precisely what you would expect.

This Elden Ring DLC talisman heals you more when drinking the Cerulean Tear Task. However, thanks to its +3 variant, you’ll heal much better than the +2 variant. So, during boss fights, you’ll spend fewer flasks per damage. I don’t know about you, but that makes it one of the best Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree talismans.

You receive this talisman while completing the Manus Metyr questline. At the Ruins of Rhia, you’ll have to ring bells. After you ring the first hanging bell, you’ll receive this talisman.

5. Blade of Mercy

Blade of Mercy Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree best new talismans

Location: On top of the scorched ruins.

Are you someone running a bleed build and want to rely on critical hits per attack? Do you want to leverage your critical hit capabilities to your advantage? Well, this Elden Ring talisman is one of the best for you. The Blade of Mercy increases your crucial damage per hit, letting you hit hard after you break someone’s poise or deal some critical damage.

Finding this Elden Ring Erdtree is straightforward. Right at the Scorched Ruins of Shadow Realm, you must use your horse and get to the top of a tower in scorched ruins. You’ll find the medallion sitting inside a chest. Take it out, equip it, and you’re all set. Still lost? Learn how to get the Blade of Mercy right here!

6. Crimson Amber Medallion +3

Crimson Amber Medallion best talisman in Elden RIng

Location: Defeat the Death Knight in Fog Ruins Catacombs

One of the best Talismans from the base Elden Ring has gotten itself a much-needed upgrade in Shadow of the Erdtree. The Crimson Amber Medallion talisman increases your health by a better margin than its +1 and +2 variants.

So now, you have more health to work through the Shadow Realm and its various bosses. So when in doubt, get what I consider to be one of the best Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree talismans.

Crimson Amber Medallion will be waiting for you at the Fog Ruins Catacombs. Right after you cross the bridge in front of the Three-Cross Site of Grace, take a left from the Castle Front Site of Grace. Follow the road till you reach a jungle with enemies dealing poison damage. The Catacombs is correct at the end of this valley.

7. Immunizing Horn Charm +2

Immunizing Horn Charm Elden Ring Talisman

Location: Defeat the Ulcerated Tree Spirit at Belurat Tower Settlement, inside Well Depths.

We all know how annoying rot and poison can be. If you are rushing through how to beat Mohg and Starscourge Radahn, chances are you haven’t fought or experienced much of the Scarlet Rot and Position at a heavy dosage in-game.

When you experience it, using this Immunizing Horn Charm +2 is the perfect solution. This charm makes you resist Poison and Scarlet Rot better than its previous iteration, giving you more winning chances against your foes. So grab one of the best Elden Ring Erdtree Talismans right here.

You can find Immunizing Horn Charm +2 on the outskirts of Belurat Tower Settlement. After you get the Well-Depths Key, you must reach the Well-depths at Belurat Tower Settlement and defeat an Ulcerated Tree Spirit to get the item. Be careful as this area is a Poison Swamp; bring as many cures as possible, or use an incantation.

8. Beloved Stardust

Beloved Stardust Talisman in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

Location: Given by Count Ymir at Manus Metyr Cathedral

Magic users will love one of the newest and best Elden Ring talismans, the Beloved Stardust. The Talisman ensures you cast your magic much faster than the intended speed. However, you will also take more damage in the process.

If you were running an Elden Ring intelligence build using Radagon’s Icon Talisman, you could swap it out with Beloved Stardust. Getting it requires you to reach a location named Manus Metyr Cathedral. There, you talk with Count Ymir and do his tasks to receive this item as a reward for completion.

9. Verdigris Discus

Verdigris Discus Talisman in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

Location: In front of a statue Northeast of Ancient Ruah Ruins

We move on to another newly added Talisman that might join the ranks of the best talismans depending on its use case. The Verdigris Discus talisman is for those who prefer having the defensive option. This Talisman increases your defense against incoming attacks based on your load order.

So, if you are medium or heavy, you’ll protect better against hits. This is helpful for players who prefer using heavy armor in fights. However, if you run a light build, this gives you a lesser advantage. Nonetheless, we consider this one of the best Elden Ring Erdtree talismans.

You’ll have to travel to Ancient Ruah Ruins to get this Talisman. You reach there through a waygate on ruins in the middle of a lake in Scadu Altus. Use an Imbued Stonesword key to unlock the waypoint and travel to the location. From here, head northeast, all the way to the foot of the Ruah Ruins, to find a statue of a female, where you’ll get this medallion.

10. Crusade Insignia

Crusade Insignia Talisman

Location: Dropped by Fire Knight Queelign at Belurat Tower Legacy Dungeon.

The final yet one of the best Elden Ring Talismans is the Crusade Insignia. It does such a simple job that I don’t think I have much explaining out here to do. Yes, it increases your attack damage right after you take out an enemy. So, if a pretty ruthless enemy surrounds you, equipping this Talisman is a good idea as it allows you to attack and damage much better.

Getting it requires you to spawn at the Private Altar Site of Grace. From there, you have to exit the broken building and keep going until you reach a large area with a tree in the middle. Defeat the invading Fire Knight Queelign and receive this item as a reward.

These are the best Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree talismans you should get right now. Have more suggestions for us? Drop them in the comments below and we just might add them.

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