Dragonsplague in Dragon’s Dogma 2 Made Me Care More About My Pawns

In Short
  • The Dragonsplague is a ruthless system in Dragon's Dogma 2 that turns your Pawns into a ticking time bomb.
  • However, despite its drawbacks, I've appreciated this system, as it has made me care about my Pawns.
  • If anything, it has made me more aware of my Pawns' actions and even care about their progress.

Last week, when I went on my vacation, two things happened. Dragon’s Dogma 2 launched with a well-deserved debate around microtransactions, and I read about a system called Dragonsplague. While I had yet to buy the game, I had already heard about this so-called “disease.” Surely it isn’t that bad of a feature,” I loudly proclaimed as I stuck to playing Alpha Protocol on my Steam Deck.

However, the first thing I did when returning home was put some time into the game. As luck would have it, I noticed one of Pawns acting strangely while playing the game. Before I knew it, the Dragonsplague had spread to my entire party. And while I shouldn’t have been panicking, I had heard enough about this plague to be restless.

So, as I sat there throwing all three of my pawns into the ravine, a realization dawned on me. Capcom had managed to make me care about a system I barely gave too much heed to in the previous game. So, what changed between Dark Arisen and Dragon’s Dogma 2? Well, let’s talk about my fears and then some.

Hold up – What Is This Plague You Talk About?

Okay, before I have a heart-to-heart, let’s talk about Dragonsplague. Now, I won’t be getting too in-depth about it because my colleague wrote a well-rounded piece explaining it.

Long story short, your pawns can get this unique disease that causes them to become agitated and aggressive over time. Their demeanor changes; they keep holding their heads, and even their eyes become red. Leave them to their business for too long, and they’ll become a walking nuke. When you go and rest at an inn, your Pawn will become a dragon, killing everyone in that town. Oh, and the Dragonsplague can spread to other Pawns, too!

Provided all the events above take place, you will be left in a deserted town with dead NPCs. Yes, this will sadly include Quest NPCS, too. As you might be able to tell, it’s scary stuff indeed.

The Dragonsplague Somehow Made Me Panic and Enjoy at Once

A character in the final stages of Dragonsplague.
Image courtesy: Reddit

With such a system in place, I’d be pretty upset. And rightfully distressed. After all, my Pawn Ari is someone I’ve traveled with quite a lot. Besides all the exploring, Ari has proved to be a strong and dependable companion. As such, I’ve been running scared about the Dragonsplague catching on to her.

And then it clicked: that’s exactly why the Dragonsplague is in Dragon’s Dogma 2. In the first game, I always treated Pawns as a game system. My companions were always just bland NPCs that I treated very lightly. However, this new plague somehow made me develop a sense of bonding with them. Don’t get me wrong; I still treat them like a system, but somehow, I’ve grown more attached to them.

Imagining my Pawn getting the Dragonsplague and vanishing in thin air while I rest at an Inn certainly adds a lot to the anxiety. On the flip side, I’ve started paying attention to the Pawn system because of this game feature, realizing how fun it is.

“I still treat them like a system, but somehow, I’ve grown more attached to them.”

The prospect of seeing your Pawn getting better in performance with each encounter has made me appreciate them. Of course, there’s always the added danger of the Dragonsplague, but without this game system, I would’ve treated Pawns just like Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen.

End of the day, some people might find this system hardcore. Justifiably so. However, you still have a winning chance against it. And that is why I love Dragon’s Dogma 2. Without this, I probably wouldn’t have appreciated the Pawn system. And I am glad they added this.

What are your thoughts about the Pawn system and the Dragonsplague in Dragon’s Dogma 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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