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12 Cool Extensions to Customize New Tab in Chrome

We are all familiar with Google Chrome New Tab page but not all of us like it. The new tab page on Chrome is pretty bland. While it’s great for users who love Google’s approach, the problem lies in the fact that there is no customization option available in Chrome. Whether you dig into Chrome Settings or experimental Chrome Flags features, you won’t find anything that allows you to customize the new tab page in Chrome. Thankfully, the Chrome web store is full of great extensions that can help you customize the new tab page. Some extensions change it to a more refined look, some add functionality, and while others totally revamp the page. Whatever look you are going for the new tab page in Google Chrome, these extensions have got you covered.

Best Extensions to Customize the Chrome New Tab Page

1. Toby for Chrome

Toby for Chrome is one of the best New Tab extensions that I have used in a while. In its essence, it’s a tab manager extension for Chrome that lets you easily categorize and organize tabs in neat collections. Creating collections is very easy. Just install the extensions and it will guide you through the process. I love the card view of the websites. It feels far better than normal bookmarks for managing tabs.

You can use the extension without creating an account, but if you do create one, you get access to extra free features. The extension is free for use for individual users. Team pricing might be coming in the future.


2. Momentum

The very popular Momentum extension makes sure that your new tab looks pleasing to the eye whilst making you productive. The extension brings a new soothing wallpaper each day along with a beautiful quote to keep you motivated. Momentum also includes a clock along with weather information and shortcuts for apps, custom links & search. The new tab extension also lists all your to-dos in a non-intrusive manner and you can also set a daily goal for yourself.

While Momentum might not bring tons of features, its minimalistic look with the few yet important features works as a whole. If you have some issues with Momentum, you can also check out Leoh, which is pretty similar and almost equally good.


3. Speed Dial 2

Speed Dial 2 is another very popular extension that replaces the new tab on Chrome. It brings cool looking visual bookmarks and you can sort your favourites in groups for quick access. Speed dial also includes a side bar, that can be accessed on the right edge and it brings your recently closed tabs along with Chrome apps that you have installed. The extension is also no slouch when it comes to looks, as there are beautiful customizable themes to choose from.

Last but not the least, we love the fact that it brings insights like the websites you spend your most time on throughout various parts of the day along with the fact that it syncs your settings across devices. Speed Dial 2 is sorely focused on letting you open your favourite websites quickly and on that front, it performs amazingly well.


4. Dayboard

Dayboard is my one of my favorite extensions that allows me to customize the Chrome NewTab page. Unlike other extensions on this list, the main focus of Dayboard is to constantly remind you of the most important tasks so you can finish them. Once installed, Dayboard basically changes the new tab page in Chrome into a task list which accommodates only five tasks. 

The idea here is that you only list those tasks in the day which are most important to you. Once you enter your tasks, every time you open a new tab page in Chrome, you will see a list of those tasks. That will remind you to do your work before wasting time on the web. Also, it just feels good to see checked tasks after completing them every time I open a new tab.


5. is an extensive new tab replacement extension, which aims to make things more productive for you. The extension includes various blocks or widgets and there are thousands of widgets like calendar, bookmarks, email, webpage embed, Google tasks, news, etc. to choose from. Plus, all the widgets can be customized with ease and that’s not all on the customization front, as you can personalize the whole page with different backgrounds, options like number of layouts, transparency and more. Moreover, you can add different pages for your personal needs, work etc.

To sum things up, makes sure that your new tab page brings you all the information you need. Having said that, the extension can be overwhelming at times, especially when you make changes to everything. Also, the pages take some time to load if your internet connection is spotty.


6. Muzli 2

Muzli is by far the most beautiful new tab extension that you can get for your Chrome browser. The extension has been developed by InVision which is one of the biggest design software company in the world. The main aim of the extension is to inspire you with new designs. While this makes the extension best for designer and creators, anyone can enjoy these beautiful designs in my opinion.

Apart from beautiful designs and artwork, Muzli also allows users to select various publications and features their most popular articles for the day on the new tab page. This is a great way to get to keep track of stories from your favorite publishers. Overall, I quite like the design and functionality of this extension and what it does to the Chrome newtab page.


7. Tab for a Cause

Did you ever think that opening a new tab could help somebody? Well, that’s what Tab for a Cause does. The extension replaces your new tab, so that you view sponsored content along with ads every time you open a new tab and whatever the ad revenue is made by the company goes for charity. That’s not all though, as it also adds functionality like widgets for your favourite websites, bookmarks, calendar, notes etc. There’s also the cool “Tabber stats”, which lets you know the number of times you have opened a new tab along with the impact the app is making on the world.


8. Earth View

Earth View, as you might have guessed, replaces your new tab with a beautiful satellite image from Google Earth. The images change every time you open a new tab, which makes the experience even better. You can view the location of the image shown in Google Maps, download the image or visit the web gallery, which features tons of such breathtaking images. Keep in mind though that you will need a decent internet connection for the extension to show you a new image everytime. You can also try Dream Afar, which brings you beautiful new images on your new tab every other day.


9. Blank New Tab

Unlike other browsers, you cannot set Chrome to show a blank screen when a new tab is opened and that’s what the Blank New Tab extension is here for. After you install the extension, you will see a new tab with a white screen.


10. Markdown New Tab

Markdown New Tab is made for writers like me who prefer to use markdown formatting over rich-text editors. The extension adds a simple markdown text editor for the new tab. So, you can easily copy and paste things, add links, save reminders, add checklists, and more. It’s an easy way to save quick notes and links before moving them to your permanent notes.

I like it because it negates the need of switching between applications. I can save everything here, and then export them at the end of the day. I understand that it’s not for everyone, but if you love markdown, you should give it a try.


11. Tabby Cat

Not everyone wants a productive NewTab extension for Chrome. Some people just want something that makes them feel good. Well, if you are a cat lover, you are going to love this one. Tabby Cat is an extension that adds your favorite furry friend to your browser’s new tab. Each new tab is populated with a new cat.

The best part is that the cat is not static. Tabby cats blink, sleep, and even let you pet them. Sometimes they might even small goodies for you. Tabby Cat always puts a smile on my face when I open a new tab.


12. FlashTabs

FlashTabs is perfect for students or anyone who wants to practice spaced repetition to remember facts. For the unfamiliar, spaced repetition is a learning method that uses flashcards to help you learn and remember. And what better place to put those flashcards then your browser’s new tab. Whenever you open a new tab, you will be presented with a flashcard and you can try to answer it. If you don’t remember the answer, click on the flashcard to reveal it.

Next time, when the same card appears, hopefully, you will be able to remember the answer. If not, the process repeats. What I love is that you are introducing learning in web-browsing without compromising the experience. You will need to create an account to use it. There are both free and paid versions. The free version gives you access to 3 decks (with hundred cards each). If you want more, it will cost you $19/year.


Ready to spice up your New Tab page on Chrome?

The new tab page is something we visit innumerable times daily, so why not make it more fun or functional or productive. Well, this is what these extensions do. Install these Chrome extensions and spice up your Chrome new tab. We have extensions that make you more productive, change the appearance, and even show you cats. So check them out and let us know your favorite Chrome New Tab page extensions by writing in comments below.


  1. the following are the ones I have been using for years;
    night tab;
    homey, recently started using it and I am loving it

    I just came here to see what people at beebom use,

  2. Re-NewTab … my fave by far. Over a dozen widgets oh, but you can use as few as one or as many as 12 or more. Powerful, but simple to use and easy to learn too. Notes, weather, calculator, to-do list, most visited sites, YouTube subscriptions, Microsoft apps, Chrome apps, extensions, open tabs, history, downloads, and more… all these are widgets which can be used.

    1. +1. So True. Tabliss is truly amazing. It lets you customize the whole tab very easily. It supports so many cool features.

  3. Momentum is great but it has most amazing features as paid. I stumbled upon more extensions and found subtletab extension which has many features required for new tab. I can set custom wallpapers and prepare notes easily now. I recommend trying it if you’re using momentum currently.

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