Choose Where Your Music Files are Stored in macOS Catalina (How To)

Choose Where Your Music Files are Stored in macOS Catalina

Recently while exploring various means and ways to import songs to the stock music app on macOS, I got a chance to take a close look at the new Music app. In the course of preparing that article, I came across quite a few things worth sharing. And one of them is the ability to choose where music files are stored in macOS Catalina. For the folks who like to have desired control over all the songs and where they get stored, this hack could be quite helpful. If you are curious to find out how it works, let me show you how you can change the location of your music files on your Mac.

Change Where Your Music Files are Stored in macOS Catalina on Mac

By default, all of your music is stored in the Home/Music folder. As it’s quite sensitive, Apple not only keeps it slightly hidden but also recommends users not to change the location of the music folder or the folders inside it. Therefore, I would suggest the tinkering only to the advanced users. So, keep this little disclaimer in mind before getting started!

1. Launch the Music app on your macOS device.

Launch Music app on your Mac

2. Now, click on the Music menu at the top left corner.

Click on Music menu on your macOS

3. Next, choose Preferences in the menu.

Select Preferences under Music menu

4. Next up, make sure the Files tab is selected.

Choose Files tab in the Music preferences

5. Up next, click on Change.

Click on Change in the Files tab

6. Now, select the desired location for your files.

Choose the location where you want to save your music files

That’s pretty much it! Going forward, all of your new songs as well as the imported items will be stored in your preferred location. Keep in mind, the songs that have already been imported will continue to be in their current location.

Go Back to Storing Imported Music Files in the Default Folder on macOS

If you ever happen to change your mind and wish to store the imported music files in the default folder on your Mac, you can do so without going through a painful exercise.

  1. Launch Music app on your Mac.

Launch Music app on your Mac

2. Now, click on the Music menu and choose Preferences.

Select Preferences under Music menu

3. Now, click on the Files tab and then hit Reset.

Go back to storing your imported songs in the default folder

Change the music files storing location

Change Music Files Location on Your Mac

Not that the music app for macOS is way better than what iTunes was in terms of managing albums, playlists, and all the related stuff. It has kind of got rid of all the clutters that used to prevent the erstwhile music library from becoming a user-friendly tool. And with the needed customization like the option to hide Apple Music and also enable parental controls to keep explicit content at bay, it has covered all the basics as well. What do you think of Apple’s new music app?

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  1. It is horrible. Doesn’t show the file info easily. Search function takes you out of the library view. iTunes from Snow Leaopard is still the best. Mini player is not mini. Sucks.

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