Who Is Power in Chainsaw Man All You Need to Know

Who Is Power in Chainsaw Man? All You Need to Know

Every new-age anime reaches a higher level with an unhinged and fun-loving character. Chainsaw Man is no expectation. To irritate the characters and make the audience laugh, the anime gives us Power, the blood devil. She is chaotic, fun, and someone you will not regret meeting. So, let’s halt our hype train and explore who is Power in Chainsaw Man and what makes her so important.

Blood Fiend Power in Chainsaw Man (2022)

Spoiler WarningThis guide has some spoilers for the plot of Chainsaw Man manga’s Public Safety Arc (up to Chapter 97). We suggest you watch the Chainsaw Man anime or read the manga first, at least till chapter 97, to avoid hampering your experience.

Who is Power in Chainsaw Man?

We cannot talk about Power and her abilities without explaining what is a fiend in Chainsaw Man. So let’s first understand what is a fiend and how it differs from the devil.

What is a Fiend

In this anime franchise, fiend is a term used to describe a devil that has taken over a human corpse. Plotwise, Power is the first fiend we get introduced to in Chainsaw Man. She is the blood devil who has taken over the body of a young girl. At first glance, she doesn’t appear much different than Chainsaw Man or other devils, but fiends have distinct features that give away their identity. Also, they are nothing like devils. You can use our dedicated guide to understand the difference between fiends, devils, and hybrids in Chainsaw Man.

Blood Fiend Power

Power is the fiend form of the blood devil in Chainsaw Man. She’s also one of the closest friends of Denji, the protagonist of CSM. We are introduced to Power in Chapter 4 of the manga as a member of Public Safety Devil Hunters Tokyo Special Division 4 under Makima’s squad.

Being a fiend, Power’s devilish features are hard to miss. even in human form. She has pinkish-blonde hair with two red horns growing out of her head. Even her eyes are yellow in color with a red cross pattern in the center. Power also has sharp fang-like teeth.

From her initial appearance, it is clear that Power is the most chaotic and childish character (Denji comes in a close second) in Chainsaw Man. She puts herself before anyone else and has no regret in retreating from fights if that ensures her survival, as seen in Chapter 24.

Expanding on that, in Chapter 29, it is revealed that due to her selfishness and self-centered character, Power always switches over to the winning side; whether that’s devils or humans. This aspect of her character is further proven in Chapter 36, where she claims that all the meat – human, zombie, devil, and animal – is the same for her.

Her actions also fit well with her rude and messy personality. She doesn’t even like to clean up after herself. And to top it off, she is also a habitual liar. While fighting a devil in Chapter 11, Power has no problem eating her squad’s food supply and blaming it on Denji. Though, she also has a good side to her. We first witness her caring side when Meowy, her cat was kidnapped. Later, she also starts looking out for her close friends, including Denji, Aki, and others.

Who is Meowy

As mentioned earlier, Power’s main objective is always survival. She doesn’t hesitate to attack and eat wild animals and other devils if that helps her. But, in Chapter 7, we meet an exception to her rule in the form of Meowy, her pet cat. She became so attached to meowy that she was ready to risk her life, bringing a human sacrifice as ransom (Denji) to the Bat Devil who kidnapped Meowy.

Power with Meowy | Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto – Volume 1 (Shonen Jump)

Without this cat’s presence, it’s hard to imagine Power having a caring and understanding side to her personality. Not to forget, the cat’s name is “Nyāko“, which is a cuter way to pronounce the Japanese word for a cat (Neko), in the Japanese version of Manga. It seems like the translators used Meowy to make the name relatable. But don’t you think Power is the kind of person who would actually name a cat Meowy? Tell us in the comments below.

Chainsaw Man Power: Blood Devil Form

Before taking over the body of a young girl, Power lived as the Blood devil, a wild devil with no loyalty towards either humans or devils. In her complete devil form, she has long horns, shark-like fangs, and the same cross-patterned pupils as the fiend form. Further, her chest is torn apart, featuring an open rib cage that allows her intestines to wrap around her neck.

Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto – Chapter 91 (Shonen Jump)

Meanwhile, she has claws for her hands and sharp feet. As a whole, the devil form of Power is nothing like the adorable human body she encompasses. Instead, she is truly horrifying and scary, with her powers only adding to this overwhelming persona.

Chainsaw Man Power: Abilities

Like other devils in Chainsaw Man, Power has a set of common devil abilities along with some special powers. You can explore both types of these powers in separate sections below:

Basic Abilities

Power has the following abilities, similar to other devils in Chainsaw Man:

  • Healing: She can drink the blood of other creatures, human or devil, to heal herself.
  • Contracts and Fiends: In her devil form, the Blood devil can make contracts with humans. She can also take over human corpses to turn into a fiend, but she loses the ability to make contracts until that body is killed.
  • Speed and Strength: Because of her fiend form, Power is weaker than some devils. But she’s still stronger and faster than humans and many other devils. In Chapter 23, we witness her dodging and attacking Katana Man with ease.
  • Enhanced Smell: In Chapter 5, we witness the powerful sense of smell that Power possesses. She was able to detect Sea Cucumber Devil, while Denji doesn’t even notice its presence.

Blood Devil Abilities

As the Blood devil, Power has the following special abilities in Chainsaw Man:

  • Blood Weaponisation: Power can manipulate her blood to create weapons. She creates a hammer with her blood in Chapters 5 and 6, and a long spear in Chapter 31.
  • Blood Manipulation: In her devil form, Power can manipulate anyone’s blood to affect their power, regeneration, and more. This ability is what allows her to help Denji fight and defeat the main villain in the final fight of CSM’s first arc.
  • Thousand Tera Blood Rain: In Chapter 90, we get to witness one of the most powerful moves from Power. She showers dozens of different blood weapons upon her enemies, brutally injuring them during the fight.
  • Blood Boost: Being the blood devil, if Power drinks too much blood, her horns grow taller than usual. In that state, she also gains additional strength, as we get to see in Chapter 38 when she easily sends Denji flying away with a punch. Towards the later part of the manga, this ability goes to another level, when she resists the Control devil’s powers by drinking Pochita‘s blood.

How Does Power Help Denji in the Final Battle?

Note: This section contains the biggest spoilers from the Public Safety arc of Chainsaw Man anime and manga. We suggest you read it only after finishing the first manga arc of CSM.

In the final chapters of the first part of Chainsaw Man manga, Makima kills Power and relieves her of the fiend body. But before getting killed, she allows Denji to drink her blood. So, when she dies, her consciousness becomes a small part of Denji. This then allows Power and Pochita to make a contract to defeat Makima. Then, she appears out of Denji’s body in her devil form and attacks Makima while she’s trying to kill him. This leads to a strong fight between Makima and her henchmen vs Chainsaw Man and Power.

Once they manage to escape, Power and Denji turn into their human forms. Then, she allows Denji to drink her blood, forming a contract and lending Denji her powers, to defeat the Control devil. After this point, Power passes away. Before dying, she requests Denji to find her after her reincarnation into the human world (as part of the contract) but also warns him that she won’t remember him and might attack him. Later, Denji uses Power’s blood to form a chainsaw by which he fatally wounds Makima and restricts her healing ability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Power dead or alive in Chainsaw Man?

At the end of the first arc of Chainsaw Man manga, Power dies as a fiend. But the blood devil lives on as a reincarnated devil within hell.

What kind of devil is Power in Chainsaw Man?

Power is the fiend form of the Blood devil in Chainsaw Man’s Public Safety arc.

Are Power and Denji dating?

Even though it might appear otherwise, the manga confirms that Power and Denji only share a platonic relationship. They are only friends and share no romantic feelings. You can see Denji confirming that he’s not dating Power in Chapter 71.

Meet Power in Chainsaw Man

With that, you now know the complete story of Power in Chainsaw Man. But her story is just getting started. So, make sure to bookmark this page to stay updated on the ultimate return of the Blood devil to the franchise. Having said that, do you think Power could someday romantically end up with Denji? Tell us in the comments below!

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