Best Jade Teams in Honkai Star Rail (Ranked)

In Short
  • Jade is an Erudition focused support character, so she must play alongside other Erudition characters.
  • Argenti, Herta and Himeko are the strongest allies of Jade as they can make the best out of her Skill.
  • The best Jade team is Argenti as main DPS, Jade and Robin as supports, and Aventurine as sustain.

Jade is a 5-star Quantum Erudition character, who is both a Support and DPS. She is a special character and can only work well in a few specific teams with her best build. Jade’s kit makes her the best support unit for most Erudition characters in the game. If you have pulled Jade and are looking for the best teams to play her in, then here is a complete list of best Jade teams in Honkai Star Rail.

Best F2P Team: Herta-Asta-Jade-Gallagher

Image Courtesy: Honkai Star Rail (Edited by: Sanmay Chakrabarti)

Jade’s best free-to-play team will feature Herta, Asta, and Gallagher. Jade is a support for other Erudition characters, and pairing her with Herta, especially for game modes like Pure Fiction, can get the best out of her kit. Asta will further increase the Speed of the team, allowing more actions from both Jade and the Debt Collector, allowing more Follow-up attack triggers from Herta and Jade.

Other than that, Gallagher is a clear favorite for a Sustain in an F2P team as he is equipped with AoE attacks and incredible at healing AoE attacking characters. Gallagher will easily be able to sustain this team, as long as you have multiple enemies to fight against.

4. Jade-Pela-Robin-Aventurine (Jade Hypercarry)

Image Courtesy: Honkai Star Rail (Edited by: Sanmay Chakrabarti)

If you are planning to play Jade as a Hypercarry, then this team is likely going to be your best option. Pela or Aventurine can act as Debt Collector in this team, although, Pela is going to be a better option because the extra speed will be perfect for her. Robin or Ruan Mei both can work as good supports for this team.

However, hypercarry teams are not the best option for Jade teams, as she is best suited as a support for other Erudition units. Also, you need her Signature Light Cone and E1 to get close to the damage output most of the best Hypercarry teams can achieve in Honkai Star Rail.

3. Blade-Jade-Bronya-Luocha (Blade Hypercarry)

Image Courtesy: Honkai Star Rail (Edited by: Sanmay Chakrabarti)

Jade’s skill also has an HP consuming mechanic, which makes her a good pick for Blade teams. Her skill makes one of the allies as Debt Collector, and the Debt Collector loses 2% of their Max HP when attacking enemies. This triggers Blade’s talent, allowing him to deal his Follow-up attack quicker, also triggering Blade’s follow-up attack quicker.

Bronya is necessary to get the best out of Blade Hypercarry teams, allowing him to take multiple turns. Luocha is also a good sustain for Blade teams, making it easier to keep Blade alive with all his HP-consuming abilities.

2. Himeko-Jade-Herta-Gallagher (Pure Fiction Mayhem)

Image Courtesy: Honkai Star Rail (Edited by: Sanmay Chakrabarti)

Jade is one of the best characters for Pure Fiction and if you pair her with Himeko and Herta, then you will have almost created an auto-clearing Pure Fiction team. Putting the Debt Collector state on either Herta or Himeko works in this team, with both of them getting frequent AoE Follow-up attacks, which will also trigger Jade’s follow up attacks.

This team is arguably the best Pure Fiction team in the game. Gallagher also fits as the best sustain for this team, as he buffs break damage, and is one of the best sustains for Multi-target characters.

1. Argenti-Jade-Robin-Aventurine (Argenti Hypercarry)

Image Courtesy: Honkai Star Rail (Edited by: Sanmay Chakrabarti)

Argenti hypercarry is the best team for Jade, as she almost doubles the damage output of this team. Both Jade and Argenti are perfect for each other, and Argenti can get the most out of Jade’s kit while dealing significant damage to enemies himself. Jade’s Skill also increases Argenti’s speed, allowing him to take more turns and recharge his Ultimate quicker.

If you have a fully invested Argenti, then pulling for Jade is going to be a good option for you as both of them are perfect for each other’s kit.

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