10 Best Cricket Games for iPhone and iPad in 2020

10 Best Cricket Games for iPhone and iPad

The advent of T20 cricket coupled with the most sought after premier league aka IPL infused the much-needed life into cricket. Not that the gentleman’s game was on the verge of collapse, but the excitement did seem to go down due largely to the lack of adrenaline filled moments, and longer game formats. Ingredients like a ton of sixes, scintillating fours, and the crowd favorite super overs have proved to be game-changers for cricket. And the rise of T20 cricket has also given boost to the older formats including the ODI and Test. If you are someone who religiously follows the game, here are the 10 best cricket games for iPhone and iPad that you can play in 2020.

Best Cricket Games for iOS in 2020

I know most of you would be quite familiar with the rules of cricket and how it’s played in the field. But playing cricket on a mobile device is a little different. So, get a good hang of the rules first.

So, How Do You Play Cricket Games on Your Mobile Device?

Frankly speaking, cricket games for iOS (and Android) try to simulate real-life cricket with realistic-looking stadiums, batting/ bowling styles and even live commentary. Moreover, they also let you keep a tab on your stats and build a great career as a player. With responsive touch controls, they let you play games with the desired control. Plus, the inclusion of a ton of rewards and trophies ensures you always have enough inspiration to give your best. But unlike real-life cricket, cricket games offer you plenty of customization so that you can choose the style of play and even set the right tempo for your bowling and batting. Now that you know what’s coming up, let’s get started!

1. Real Cricket 20

As a cricket game, “Real Cricket 20” has looked spot on to me. One of the highlights of this exciting cricket game for iOS is the real-time multiplayer mode. So, you can challenge your friends to lock horns with you in a thrilling cricket match and showcase your batting prowess to win matches convincingly. Moreover, you can even team up with your friends to make a robust squad and then take on your rivals. And yes, it also lets you save and share the highlights of the match so that you can brag about how well you have dominated your rivals.

The gameplay is pretty straightforward. As you have the desired freedom to choose the batting types like aggressive, defensive or swashbuckling, you will enjoy playing it for hours. Thanks to the female commentary and amazing looking stadiums, Real Cricket makes you feel like you are playing cricket in real life. That’s not all, it also offers you a chance to showcase your heroics in a world cup so that you can bring home the lucrative trophy.

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2. Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

Looking at “Sachin Saga Cricket Champions”, all I can say is that it looks primed for the fans of the master blaster – Sachin Tendulkar. As you may have already guessed, it lets you play cricket as Sachin himself. Based on what sort of games you love to play, you can choose to go with T20s, one-dayers, test or even premier leagues like IPL. What’s more, you can even kickstart the world cup to display your breathtaking batting prowess at the biggest stage.

One of my top picks of this game is an impressive selection of more than 25 batting shots. So, it doesn’t matter whether you like to go after the opposition right from the word go or prefer to grind the bowlers by displaying unmatched grit, chances are you will find the batting style that can match your taste. Not just that, you can also choose the type of bowling style that can help you bundle out the opposition cheaply. Overall,  Sachin Saga Cricket Champions is one of the highly-rated cricket games for iOS, which you would love to play with your friends.

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3. Stick Cricket 2

For the folks who like to go full throttle while batting, Stick Cricket 2 appears to be a top bet. Featuring 90 levels, the cricket game has got all sorts of ingredients to let you relish the game of cricket. From a wide range of level types what have caught my eyes are: Last man standing, time attack, six derby, consecutive boundaries, no dots, and survival. They are smartly designed to test your skill as a player.

But bother not, if you succeed in overcoming the challenges, you will have the chance to earn a ton of rewards. With as many as 30 trophies in the World Domination mode, the game puts a lot at stake. Beyond challenging levels and coveted trophies, it also lets you track your stats so that you will know where you stand in the pantheon of cricket legends

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4. Cricket Megastar

What puts Cricket Megastar in its own league are story-based levels that present both the highs and lows of your cricket career. Besides, they also present some of the amazing moments that you have had as a player. To get going, you can create your player, give it a suitable name, and then slowly but steadily build a successful career. With several trophies and rewards, it keeps your adrenaline going or for that matter never lets boredom creep in.

Another feature worth taking note of is the option to play all types of cricket like T20, test match, one day, and premier league. So, based on your preference or mood, you can kickstart a match where you can put your best show on full display. In a nutshell, if you want your gaming to be entwined with an interesting story, Cricket Megastar is what you should choose.

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5. Big Bash League

For those looking for a cricket game to play T20s to their heart’s liking, Big Bash League seems to be a great pick. To make the gameplay more exciting, the game features multiple types of matches such as a complete contest, quick contest, and super over. Besides, there is also a fascinating batting multiplayer mode where you can compete with many players. But what has called for my attention in this game is the KFC Bucket Ball Challenge where you are asked to smash every ball for a six. Though the Bucket-Ball Challenge is extremely challenging, I have loved every bit of this challenge as it’s designed to bring the best out you as a player.

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6. World Cricket Championship 2

Nothing seems more satisfying as a player than performing at the biggest stage of cricket. And with the biggest stage, I mean the world cricket championship where every cricket team dreams to perform exceedingly well and also capture the lucrative world cup. If that’s exactly what you are looking for in a cricket game, you would be hard-pressed to find a better alternative than the World Cricket Championship.

Boasting 150 different styles of batting animations and well over 25 different types of bowling actions, the game can easily fit into your specific style of play – irrespective of whether you are a swashbuckling batter or a lightning-fast bowler. On top of all, it features as many as 18 international teams, 10 domestic teams, and 42 beautifully designed stadiums. Suffice to say, these numbers alone make it a fan favorite!

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7. Battle Of Chepauk 2

If you admire MS Dhoni – arguably the most successful Indian cricket captain ever – chances are pretty high that you may find this cricket game quite fascinating. Packed with CSK’s star players like Suresh Raina, Dwayne Bravo, Ravindra Jadeja, and of course the Captain Cool MS Dhoni, the game is a treat to play. To get going, you can pick out your best playing 11 and then display a top-notch performance at the Chepauk stadium that’s considered a lucky stadium for MS’ army. As there are five interesting modes such as super matches, super over, super multiplayer, super slog, and super chase, I bet your gaming will always be full of excitement.

Install: (Free, in-app purchases available) 

8. Epic Cricket – Big League Game

Simply put, Epic Cricket is a fine cricket game that you would like to try out. The high-definition visuals coupled with neat customization put it in line with the top cricket games for iOS. Besides that, it has got a wide assortment of batting and bowling styles including helicopter shot, reverse sweep, googly, and doosra, the game can let you go after the bowling or wreck havoc with vicious bowling. Since the app features all major cricket playing nations, you can choose to play for your favorite nation and help it realize the long-awaited dream of lifting the world cup!

Install: (Free, in-app purchases available) 

9. Friends Beach Cricket

How about playing beach cricket? Just in case you are willing to give a little twist to your cricket playing, I would recommend you to give a shot to Friends Beach Cricket. Thanks to the eye-catching visuals and 3D gameplay, the game is a joy to play with friends. Not just that, the quick match mode and tournament mode are also quite fun-loving. What I have loved most in this game is a nice collection of bats and the casual style of play which you can master with consummate effort. Better yet, you can also choose the desired difficulty level based on your skill-set.

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10. Nazara Cricket

Last but not least, Nazara Cricket is second to none when it comes to offering an exciting cricket gaming experience. With just one touch controls, the game could easily appeal to those who don’t want to go through a steep learning curve. Based on your preference, you can choose from 10, 20, and even 50 over matches. I would recommend you to go for the shortest format when you want fast-paced action full of expensive shots. And choose the 50 over format when you wish to indulge in long yet competitive gameplay with your buddies. Not just that, it also offers some mini-challenges so that you can grab plenty of coveted rewards.

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Pick Out the Top Cricket Games for iOS

So, these are the most-loved cricket games for iOS, which you would enjoy playing with your buddies. With the needed freedom to choose battle/bowling style and even formats, you can stay on the driver seat to take your rivals for a long ride. As we are talking about fun-filled gaming, I would suggest you check out our roundups of racing games and battle royale games as they are equally thrilling. Have I forgotten to include any top-notch cricket games? Feel free to let us know their names in the comments below.

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