ASUS All in One PC ET2220IUTI- B043KAIO Hands On Review

Asus (trade name of ASUSTek Computers Inc) is a renowned brand in tablets, mobile phones, motherboards, video cards, desktops and servers for years. With the primer of Windows 8 by Microsoft for tablets, desktops, laptops and ultra-books, all desktop manufacturers are coming with their latest line up of touch screen All in One PC. Keeping the same pace, ASUS has come up with its latest All in One PC series ET2220I. The ET2220I series from ASUS is fully loaded with the splendid blend of latest hardware and touch optimized Software backed up by Windows 8. One such All in One PC from ASUS ET2220IUTI- B043KAIO.

The brand new All in One PC comes with gorgeous form factor and sleek design, but packs some impressive hardware and Intel’s latest 3rd generation Core i processor to run the latest software and apps without any glitch.

1.  Form Factor

Inspired From the photo frame design, ASUS ET2220IUTI All in One PC comes with elegant and stylish design with appealing charm to its built quality that you would love to see and work on it. The silver stand at the bottom not only gives stability and firmness to the PC but it features gracefully designed speakers aligned to the gorgeous display to give superior and clear music quality.

The PC is 58 mm thin, 549.6 mm wide and 379.8 mm tall and weighs just 8.7 KG, the top has a 2 MP web camera along with microphone for video chat and taking self pics. On the left you have USB ports, headphone and speaker jack and card reader along with 2 buttons to change the display settings, on the right there is power button and a DVD drive. At the back we have 3 USB ports and 2 HDMI ports.

The All in One PC has adjustable stand, it can tilt from 16” to 45″ to offer best viewing position and comfortable to your neck and posture. The stand can also function as carrying handle if you like to shift it to place of your choice.


The wall mountable option is available if you want to save some space making it a perfect choice for people who are looking for space-saving desktop.

2.  Screen Quality

The All in One PC has a striking 21.5″(54.6cm) 1920 X 1080 FULL HD ; LED backlit Display that offers rich and vibrant colors and decent saturation and contrast levels making it a pleasurable experience to watch movies, play games or work. The screen has outstanding viewing angles that keeps the screen viewing experience same from any angle you are looking at the screen.

The screen is not just a Full HD screen, it is a multi-touch supported display which can recognize up to 10 fingers simultaneously on the screen. So now you can watch and feel the dazzling display and Windows 8 makes the user experience fluid and easy to use. The 10 point multi-touch screen supports all new gestures and makes it a pleasurable experience to interact with the apps and user interface, you can now draw something or switch between apps just by using your fingers, swipe to switch apps, zoom in or out with pinch, rotate images with fingers, how amusing is that.

3.   Processor and Graphics performance

Asus All in One PC ET2220IUTI- B043KAIO comes with the latest 3rd generation Intel core i3 -3220 processor clocked at 3.30 GHz and turbo boost 2.0 technology that aids multi-tasking and faster processing than previous generation Intel processors. While using the apps and desktop mode simultaneously, we got the idea how well the 3rd generation core i3 processor performs with Windows 8. When it comes to the graphics performance the Asus All in one PC ET2220IUTI- B043KAIO comes on board with Intel HD Graphics with shared 1.7 GHz graphics memory and 224 MB dedicated memory. The PC didn’t lag in any app and day-to-day multi-tasking, so any one who is just a casual gamer, home user or a professional will never find any issues with the graphics.

4.  Memory and Storage

Asus All in One PC ET2220IUTI- B043KAIO has 4GB DDR3 RAM which is more than enough for a windows 8 powered PC and 500 GB SATA hard disk that allows you to store all your media and professional content on your PC.

If you want to have everything stored on cloud so that you can get access to it from anywhere in the world, then ASUS provides 32 GB of free web storage for 3 years to its windows 8 users, so now you can reach your content from multiple devices regardless of the device you are using from any part of the world. Asus web storage is reliable and secure, so that you don’t need to worry about security of your personal data.

5.  Operating system and Software

ASUS All in One PC ET2220IUTI- B043KAIO comes pre-installed with Windows 8 single language 64 bit operating system  that offers multi-touch capabilities and easy to use. Asus All in One PC ET2220IUTI- B043KAIO comes with a bunch of software like the ASUSDVD, ASUS MX Suite, ASUS music maker, ASUS virtual camera, ASUS video easy.  Now you can watch music video or movies using the ASUS DVD, make your own music using music maker, or edit your videos and create movies using the ASUS video easy.

6.  Keyboard/mouse and audio

ASUS All in One PC ET2220IUTI- B043KAIO comes with sleek wireless multimedia keyboard and wireless optical mouse making your room totally free from wire tangling. The optical wireless mouse fits firmly in the hands and gives you feel of the good built quality of the accessories. The mouse and keyboard need 2 AA size alkaline batteries each and the spill proof design of the keyboard is well-designed to protect the keys from dust and accidental water spills. Mouse and Keyboard connects to the PC via the infrared sensor dongle if you need keyboard and mouse, or with an option to use the touch screen and the on-screen keyboard instead of physical mouse and keyboard. The physical keyboard is light and makes it effortless to type using its keys. The keyboard being compact does have numeric keypad making it a full functional keyboard.

When it comes to audio ASUS all in One PC ET2220IUTI- B043KAIO comes with Sonic Master which is audio-optimizing technology developed by the ASUS Golden Ear team that provides crystal clear music with every detail and loud volumes. And the speakers placed at the bottom directs loud and clear music to you, this makes ASUS all in One PC ET2220IUTI- B043KAIO perfect option for home entertainment.

 7.   Connectivity and data transfer options

ASUS all in One PC ET2220IUTI- B043KAIO comes with many connectivity options along with Wi-Fi so that you can browse internet via router or home network, connect to your media network wirelessly, use Wi-Fi Direct to share contents from your devices like smart phone to PC’s 21.5 inch FULL HD display.

ASUS all in one PC ET2220IUTI- B043KAIO has an inbuilt DVD drive so you can watch the movies, music or files right from the DVD. Some models have option of Blu-ray Drive. It also has a card reader that allows you to use the micro SD and SD cards. You do get a LAN port to connect to your local network via the Ethernet

You have the microphone and the headphone jack to add connect it to the head phones and listen to the music isolated from anybody in the room. ASUS all in one PC ET2220IUTI- B043KAIO has 2 HDMI ports to use the gorgeous full HD display as an external display with your devices.

For fast data transfer it has 4 USB 3.0 ports that can easily transfer the data from your pen drives and hard drives with blazing speed, faster than the USB 2.0. But you also have a USB 2.0 port to connect the portable drives or as dongle for the infrared sensor of mouse and the keyboard. ASUS All in One ET2220IUTI- B043KAIO comes with an option to add TV tuner card.

8.  Pros and Cons


  1. FULL HD screen with multi-touch display
  2. Powerful processor
  3. Slim and space saving design
  4. Wireless keyboard and mouse
  5. Powerful speakers
  6. Cloud storage
  7. Windows 8
  8. Wall mountable certification
  9. DVD drive
  10. Wi-Fi
  11. 4 USB 3.0 ports and 1 USB 2.0 port
  12. 2 HDMI ports
  13. 2 MP Web camera


  1. Intel HD graphics is not as good as other graphics card from AMD or Nvidia in handling graphics intensive applications and games.
  2. Lack of Bluetooth to connect with Bluetooth enabled headphones.
  3. Screen becomes dirty with sweaty hands and dust, this makes touch experience and multi- touch gesture recognition difficult.

At the end of the day, ASUS all in one PC ET2220IUTI- B043KAIO has sleek and space-saving form factor with charming built quality and remarkable hardware specifications, connectivity options and nice balance of software with windows 8.

At a price tag of around 50K INR, we highly recommend ASUS All in One ET2220IUTI- B043KAIO to folks who are looking for an All in one PC.

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