Does Apple Watch Work with Android?

An Apple Watch remains the top choice for iPhone owners. It features a polished design with seamless connectivity which makes it super-easy to connect an Apple Watch with an iPhone. You can even connect your Apple Watch with AirPods for a smartphone-free experience. That said, Apple Watches lacks compatibility with other operating systems beyond iOS.

An Apple Watch makes a superb choice for iPhone users. But, what if you own a Samsung, OnePlus, or Google device? You might be wondering if the Apple Watch works with Android or whether there’s a way to pair the Apple Watch with Android phones. Keep reading to find all your answers!

Is Apple Watch Compatible with Android Smartphones

Does Apple Watch Work with Android?

The short answer is no, you can’t pair an Apple Watch with an Android smartphone. Since its inception, Apple Watches have only worked with iPhones, and this isn’t likely to change. To get started with an Apple Watch, you’ll need an iPhone with the Watch app. At the moment, there’s no Apple Watch app alternative for Android, even if the Apple Watch & the smartphone both supports Bluetooth connectivity. There’s no direct way to pair an Apple Watch with Android.

That said, if you have an iPhone, there’s a workaround to use Apple Watch with Android smartphones. You can use the three devices simultaneously. Theoretically, you can use your Apple Watch to track your daily activity without having your iPhone nearby. Also, if you’ve got a Cellular/LTE Apple Watch, you can also use standalone apps on your smartwatch.

How to Use Apple Watch with Android Phones

If you’re an Android smartphone lover and want to use an Apple Watch, there’s a workaround to make Apple Watch work on Android. For this, you need a Cellular + WiFi model of Apple Watch, an iPhone 6 or later for the initial setup, and an Android phone. Also, make sure you’ve got a cellular plan that supports Apple Watch. Once you’re ready, follow the below steps to pair an Apple Watch with an Android phone:

Note: Your Apple Watch will lose some functionality when you use with with an Android phone. Some of its features may not work at all or some may not work as intended.

  • First of all, you must pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone.
  • Once done, make a test call on your iPhone and verify the SIM card is activated.
  • Now, open the Control Center on your iPhone and enable Airplane Mode. Check if your Apple Watch is still connected to a network. If yes, you must turn off your Apple Watch.
  • Next up, transfer the SIM card in your iPhone to your Android phone.
  • Once you’ve swapped the SIM cards, turn your Apple Watch On.

It’s worth mentioning that Android phones and Apple Watch aren’t paired via Bluetooth, they now have the same SIM card details. This gives you access to the watch’s basic features like making calls, using SMS features, and more on both devices.

Limitations of Using Apple Watch with Android

While you can use Apple Watch with Android phones, it comes with several limitations. You’ll lose out on various features, including notification mirroring and other Apple-specific features like Siri and Walkie-Talkie. Also, you must keep the following limitations in mind:

  • Some iOS-exclusive apps may not work at all or offer limited functionality.
  • You’ll lose out on several core health features.
  • iMessage won’t work properly.
  • You can use the Apple Watch’s Activity and Sleep apps, but since Android does not have Fitness or Health apps, the data won’t sync with your Android device.
  • It isn’t easy to keep an Apple Watch up-to-date with an Android smartphone.

Although you can set up an Apple Watch with Android, the experience doesn’t come close to what an iPhone offers. You can only use basic Apple Watch features on an Android phone. If you wish to enjoy a full-fledged smartwatch experience, consider getting a smartwatch with native Android compatibility like Samsung Watch or Google Pixel Watch. Today, you can easily find an Apple Watch alternatives for Android.

Did Apple try to make the Apple Watch work on Android phones?

Yes, Apple tried to make Apple Watches work on Android phones. It looked at the idea for almost three years but ultimately scrapped it due to technical limitations.

Can I set up an Apple Watch with my Samsung phone?

No, an Apple Watch has to be connected to an iPhone during the initial setup process. Unless you have access to an iPhone, you can’t even get started with an Apple Watch.

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