Amazon recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of its debut in the Indian market by offering Indian customers as cashback of Rs. 250 on purchases worth more than Rs. 1,000. And now it’s got more good news for those looking to get Alexa into their homes.

Amazon has brought down the price of the entry-level Echo Dot smart speaker by Rs. 400, a 9% drop, and it is now available at a just Rs 4,099. At its current price point, the Echo Dot competes directly with the Google Home Mini smart speaker, which is currently available at exactly the same price on Flipkart.


The larger Echo smart speaker has also seen a price drop, with a 10% cut bringing its asking price down by Rs. 1,000. The Echo smart speaker is now listed for Rs 8,999 on Amazon. Only the black and grey variant of the Echo smart speaker is discounted as the white variant is currently listed as unavailable.


In addition to the price reduction, Amazon India is also offering another lucrative deal if you buy two units of the Alexa-powered device. Customers who purchase two Echo smart speakers in one go will receive an additional Rs. 1,000 off on their final bill at checkout.

The Echo Plus and the screen-equipped Echo Spot have not received any price cut, and are currently available at their usual asking price of Rs. 14,999 and Rs. 12,999 respectively.

  • Buy The Echo Dot Smart Speaker From Amazon (Rs 4,099)
  • Buy The Echo Smart Speaker From Amazon (Rs 8,999)