Amazfit X feat.

The Amazfit X Comes with a 92-Degree Curved Display and Costs Just $149

Amazfit X feat.

Huami is a brand that has been making smartwatches and fitness bands for Xiaomi since 2015. Not long after that, the company started selling middle- and high-end smartwatches under their own brand name – Amazfit. Till now, Huami has launched some cool smartwatches like the Amazfit Verge, Amazfit GTR, Amazfit GTS and Stratos 3. Now, the company is back with a unique blend of a smartwatch and a fitness band with a curved display.

The Amazfit X is Huami’s latest addition in their already versatile line-up of watches and it comes with enough features that can fill a book actually! First up, let me address the elephant in the article. A curved display on a smartwatch? That too OLED? Well, that is some futuristic stuff right there. According to Huami, the curved display design of the watch is made keeping the users’ comfort in mind. The display is a 2.07-inch OLED panel that can reach up to 400 nits.

Now, as the curved display is the highlight of this watch, Huami has shared how its engineers were able to curve the display at a perfect 92-degree angle for optimum comfort. The engineers first heat the glass to more than 700-degree Centigrade. The team then performs “a 6-step bending process until the Amazfit X reaches a 92° super arc that wraps comfortably around your wrist”. According to the company, even the battery, that powers the watch for 7 days on a single charge, is also in a bent form.

The curved display is not the only unique feature of this smartwatch. As the watch tries to capture the minimalist design language, it has no buttons and no crowns. At the right edge of the watch, there is a pressure-sensitive panel on which users can press to navigate and select items in the watch.

Now, as Huami aims to incorporate technology to improve health, the Amazfit X surely has all the health features you need. It has specific modes for 9 different sports like swimming, cycling, walking, indoor fitness and more. It even has the Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) that is an in-built personal trainer to help you crush your fitness goals.

Apart from these features, the watch also comes with a pulse oximeter to monitor the blood oxygen levels from time to time. This enables the watch to monitor your stress during the day and suggest necessary actions. and oh! Did I mention it also has sleep tracking that will recognise the 4 stages of your sleep — Stage 1 and 2 of Light Sleep, Deep Sleep and REM. Also, the watch comes with two Geo-tracking systems — GPS and GLONASS, for accurate positioning.

You can check out the Amazfit X on Indiegogo to find out about all the features it provides. It has already collected over Rs 5 crores from almost 5000 backers. It is quite fairly priced at Rs 11,299 (~$149), considering the number of features it provides. I think this can easily beat Fitbit in this price range as a fitness trainer-smartwatch hybrid.

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