This 3D-Printed E-Scooter Lets You Dive Underwater


A German startup named Amazea now offers an e-scooter capable of taking you underwater. Yes, you read that right. The company debuted its electric scooter a couple of weeks back in Germany.

As Mashable reports, the scooter is mostly made of biodegradable 3D-printed materials. In fact, about 75 percent of the scooter is 3D-printed, except the two 3.1 kW engines and the two lithium-ion batteries, of course.

There is a 4-inch TFT color display that shows you essential information like the depth, direction, and battery levels. The e-scooter offers up to 20 km/hr speeds when you’re underwater. This speed limit increases to 30 km/hr when you’re gliding on the water.

The Amazea e-scooter offers you up to 18m diving depth, which is decent enough. On an ideal usage, the battery roughly lasts for an hour. The battery backup depends on how you drive the vehicle. There are three driving modes in the scooter – Eco, Sport, and Sport+. Eco driving mode results in longer driving times while Sport provides a balanced experience and Sport+ delivers the maximum performance.

Amazea offers a companion smartphone app from where you can keep track of your e-scooter. This includes everything you would normally see on the e-scooter’s display. The app also lets you know about maintenance intervals.

There is no word on the pricing yet. If you’re interested to get one, you may contact Amazea from the link given below to contact a dealer. Do keep in mind that the website is in German and hence, you might need to use the Translation feature to get in touch with the company.

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