Windows 11 Will Soon Allow You to Uninstall More Built-In Apps

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Microsoft recently released a new Canary build of Windows 11, which allows users to remove more built-in apps than what was previously allowed. When a user first boots into Windows 11 on a new machine, or clean installs Windows 11 on their system, a lot of built-in apps are present. These include apps like Camera, Cortana, OneDrive, Photos, People, and many others. With the latest insider build, Microsoft has loosened the rules and allows users to uninstall more of these built-in apps.

Uninstall Built-in Microsoft Apps for a Bloatware-Free Experience

With this new update, users can finally uninstall more built-in apps than ever before. This is excellent news because many do not end up using these built-in apps at all. In such a situation, these apps become “bloatware” and sometimes silently run in the background, sipping on your precious computational resources.

For some users, uninstalling the built-in apps means more storage space. Even though they don’t take up a meaningful amount of storage, some people have limited space on their operating system drive and want to uninstall as many apps as possible. Regardless, removing these built-in apps will make the Windows 11 experience more bloat-free.

Personally speaking, I never use apps such as Photos, Cortana, People, or the Remote Desktop app. Currently, most users won’t be able to uninstall these apps on the current Windows 11 build. Once the changes on the insider preview make their way to the stable Windows 11 build, people will finally get the option to uninstall these system apps.

Microsoft Copilot is now available for Windows 11
One of the upcoming Windows 11 insider features also includes ‘Copilot’

Until then, read our dedicated guide on how to speed up your Windows 11 experience. It also includes steps on how to debloat your PC with certain third-party apps, if that is something that you are into. What are your thoughts on this new change in Windows? Let us know in the comments below.

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