Welcome to Beebom Gadgets

Here at Beebom, we have been covering everything related to technology for nearly a decade. What started out as a college dorm-room passion project for our founders, Kapil and Devinder, has, over time, evolved into one of India’s leading technology websites, and we are extremely proud of the work we have been doing, and continue to do.

Recently, we completely redesigned our website, where you’re reading this article right now, with a fresh new look, new blocks, and features designed from the ground up to bring a better reading experience, and a splash of color all around the website.

However, that wasn’t the only thing we were working on, and today, I am excited to share with you our brand new, shiny website — Beebom Gadgets.

What is Beebom Gadgets

Put simply, Beebom Gadgets is your one-stop solution to everything you need to know about smartphones. Whether you’re looking for specifications, images, or just looking for information to support your buying decisions, Beebom Gadgets has you covered.

First, a digression.

Honestly speaking, this article wasn’t exactly planned. I haven’t discussed it with our Editor-in-Chief either (hi there, Anmol, please don’t take this down 🙈), and I didn’t know, until right this moment, that I was even planning on writing it. BUT I am the Content Strategist here, so here I am, exercising my right to do pretty much anything I want on the website — it is, after all, content, and I am, after all, the strategist of said content.

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled programming. Let me take you on a tour of our shiny new website. Please, no flash photography.

The Look

For starters, the Beebom Gadgets website is built on the same basic theme as this one, and that’s very strongly intentional. While we are targeting an entirely different use case with Beebom Gadgets, it is still entirely a Beebom endeavor, and is powered by our own crack team of writers, editors, and everyone else who’s been working tirelessly behind the scenes to get this ready for launch. Props to all of them for doing what would scare the living daylights out of me.

Screenshot of the Beebom Gadgets website homepage
The Beebom Gadgets homepage

So you will get the same beautiful Beebom logo, and the swirls and colors you see are all based on our new design and identity, and of course, so are the fonts.

The entire idea behind this now-familiar UI is to ensure a seamless experience whether you’re reading about the latest smartphone on Beebom, or checking out specifications and other details (more on that later), on Beebom Gadgets.


“What exactly does Beebom Gadgets offer me as the reader,” I hear you ask, and my answer is: a LOT.

We have made Beebom Gadgets to serve as your one-stop shop for all your smartphone-related information requirements, and that of course, means there are plenty of features to help you make a purchase decision.


Specifications are the one thing that most people look for, especially now that smartphone brands are launching phones at an alarmingly fast rate. Whether you’re looking for specifications for a smartphone you’re considering buying, a smartphone that recently launched, or even one that’s only rumored, Beebom Gadgets has all of it, under one, well-designed, roof (so to speak).

screenshot of specifications table in Beebom Gadgets

What’s more, there are a few things about our specifications table that will make it more useful for you.

Software Updates

Software updates are important to anyone making a smartphone purchase, and to save you the trouble of having to search for that information, our specifications table already includes that information for you.

software updates details in specifications table

So not only can you find out what software a phone was running when it launched, but we also include the number of software updates the phone will get.

Box Contents

Now that a lot of smartphone companies have stopped including chargers in their phone boxes (thanks, you know who), it’s become confusing for people to figure out exactly what comes in the box of a smartphone they are planning on buying.

Welcome to Beebom Gadgets

Right at the top of our specs table, you will find Box Contents, with all the things you will find within the phone box.


Specifications are useful, of course, but they are also something that many websites already offer, and we wanted to bring something unique, and uniquely useful, to the table.

The first special feature that we have built into Beebom Gadgets is “Timeline”. Now what this is, is basically a chronological list of important landmarks for the phone you’re looking at.

This will include everything of importance, such as launches, the date a software update started rolling out for the phone, etc.

timeline for the s24 ultra
Yes, you read that right: “no fix incoming,” says Samsung

More useful, however, is that if a phone has something of critical importance that you, as the reader, need to be aware of, we will have that mentioned in the timeline as well. Plus, an icon will show up right beside the phone name, to highlight that something of critical importance has been added to the phone’s timeline.

Welcome to Beebom Gadgets

These critical updates will be major issues that may be noticed with the phone; think overheating problems, motherboard issues, etc., that you should be aware of without having to separately search for any problems or issues surrounding the phone.

Ask Beebom

How often have you found yourself calling up your “techy” friend to ask them something about a phone? Or to get their opinion on something about a phone? Unless you are that techy friend, in which case, I fully understand what you go through, you can now get opinions and advice from our very own in-house team of tech experts, reviewers, and gadget lovers.

Under every smartphone page, you will find an Ask Beebom section (you can also get here by clicking on the Ask Beebom bubble up top). This is where you can ask anything you want to know about the phone in question. So if you’re wondering whether the OnePlus 12R is a worthy upgrade over the OnePlus 11R, or whether you should get the iQOO 12 or the OnePlus 12, or even opinions on the S24’s Exynos 2400 processor, this is the place to ask us!

beebom gadgets ask us feature

Once you submit your question, someone from the Beebom team will answer it for you, and you will even get a notification (via Email), complete with the answer.

Since these answers come from Beebom directly, you can rest assured that your gadget-related questions are being answered by a group of enthusiastic people who live and breathe tech, and who have tested pretty much every device out there, so we have a lot of experience with them.


Not once have I heard a potential smartphone purchase be made by considering just one single smartphone. Whether you’re looking for a flagship smartphone, a mid-ranger, or a budget smartphone, chances are you have a couple of phones shortlisted.

With “Compare”, you can quickly and easily compare up to 3 smartphones and see all their specs in one single page, so you can more easily spot which one is better in terms of performance, cameras, or just about anything else.

screenshot of phone comparison feature in Beebom Gadgets

Affordable Alternatives

We also have an “Affordable Alternatives” section below every smartphone spec sheet on Beebom Gadgets. These are phones that offer similar features or performance, at a more affordable price point.

So, if you’re looking at the OnePlus 12, you will see phones like the iQOO 12, and the OnePlus 11 as affordable alternatives.

Screenshot of affordable alternatives section in Beebom Gadgets

The idea is just to make you aware of other smartphone options that bring a similar set of features at a lower price, or phones where you can save money without losing out on too much as compared to the phone you were originally looking at.

Similar Devices

On a similar line, we also have a section for similar devices. These are phones that may not be necessarily more affordable, but that offer similar features, similar performance, or come at a similar price point. Once again, the idea is to make you aware of other smartphones that you might be interested in, based on the phone you’re currently looking at.

Upcoming Features: Top Secret…Shh!

Apart from the myriad of features explained above, there are a bunch of things that we’re still working on and that we plan on implementing to the website really soon. That’s a lot of secret, behind-the-scenes stuff, however, and we’re looking forward to sharing more with you soon!

I know what you’re thinking, why even talk about upcoming features if you’re not gonna talk about upcoming features. Well, I wanted you to know that we’re working on even more stuff and that Beebom Gadgets will be continuously evolving as time goes on, but I also don’t want to give it away beforehand, so…

On that note, I should be signing off. We’re hurtling at break-neck speed towards the launch of the website, and this article needs to be drafted before that time… you know, deadlines and all that not-so-fun editorial stuff (looking at you again, Anmol).

I just want to take a moment here to thank everyone involved with this project — Kapil and Devinder, our founders, for all their inputs and feedback — the developer team that handled all my constant feature requests and bug fixes, our in-house team of experts who dug through all the phones and added them, painstakingly, to our database, and obviously, the entire Beebom Team for their inputs at various stages. Some, I asked for, and others just gave their input regardless. Whatever…

Here’s hoping you people enjoy using our new website as much as we enjoyed planning, and building it.

Oh, here’s a link. I almost forgot: Check out Beebom Gadgets

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  • Wo sab to thik hai lekin ek “Tech” channel pe Anime Minecraft ka itna content hai Beebom Kids hi rename kardo.

  • love u beebom. our twch geeks needs a proper full fludged phone information and comparison website, previously there were many websites for such things, now though i cant think of one website i can go for. so, thankyou very much for this new beginnings. wish u all the best, kudos beebom.

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