Top Recruited Indian Students by Facebook in 2011

Facebook is luring a lot of students from top most Indian colleges like IITs and NITs by offering them a five figure salary.Top Recruited Indian Students by Facebook in 2011 Here are some lucky students who got job in Facebook in the year 2011 with annual salary above 5 Million Rupees.

Four students from IIt kharagpur, Radhika Mittal, Arun Dobriyal, Ashish Kumar Yadav and Vignesh Vadhani, got the placement of 7.7 Million Rupees , highest by facebook in this year.

Radhika is a student of B.Tech programme in computers science engineering and the remaining three belong to the dual degree programme in M.Tech or M.Sc in 5 years.

Another student named Ankur Dahiya, 21, from IIT-Delhi placed in Facebook for annual salary of around 6.5 Million Rupees.

Facebook has taken five students on an annual salary of 6.375 Million Rupees from IIT Madras.

Even NITs are no less than IITs.

One student of NITk in Surathkal has been offered a whopping 6 Million Rupees as annual salary by Facebook.

Facebook also fetches one student from NIT Warangal for 4.5 Million Rupees per annum.

Some students get inspired by the placement with huge salary while others contradict by saying that hardly 2% can get such amount.

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