Top 5 Antivirus and Security Apps For iPhone 5 and iOS Devices

Although iOS is immune to most of the online threats because of the closed Apple ecosystem for iOS devices, there is no device in this world that is completely secure. In the past couple of years, mobile device threats have shown sharp increase. Most popular mobile operating systems like Android is vulnerable target. That’s why antivirus apps are common today. In iOS, companies are focusing more on Backup, browsing and anti-theft features with exceptions to a few like VirusBarrier. These apps securely backup your data on to the cloud so that you can access it from anywhere. The anti-theft feature makes finding your lost device easy, and secure browsing protects against malware, phishing and other online threats.

Here are best 5 antivirus and security apps for iPhone 5 and other iOS devices,

1. Lookout


Lookout is free mobile security app on iOS platform. The app can backs up your contacts automatically, notifies you when new version of iOS is available, automatically saves location of the device before it runs out of battery, you can find your device from any internet connected device. You can login to your online account and sound an alarm, lock the phone, display custom lost message with contact details, call your device from browser or restore your contacts to new device.

Developer: Lookout Inc

Availability: Free on App Store

2. Norton Identity Safe


Norton Identity Safe manages all your login passwords while you securely access sites on the web. You can create vaults to save login or passwords, this app prevents phishing and malicious sites from capturing keystrokes. The app also lets you copy and paste passwords when needed. The app also warns you if the site is safe to visit through web safety standards.

Developer: Symantec

Availability: Free on App Store

3. Trend Micro Smart Surfing


Trend Micro Smart Surfing uses industry leading in the cloud technology “Trend Micro Smart Protection Network” providing secure web surfing using IOS device. The app blocks malicious websites and provide warning when you try to open malicious sites. Moreover the app protects users from phishing attacks while browsing. The app supports multiple web pages simultaneously and ability to modify protection levels. The app is free to download.

Developer: Trend Micro

Availability: Free on App Store



Intego  uses its award-winning VirusBarrier X6 technology and is renowned to Apple users, this app offers on demand scanning of iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. This app scans files in iOS devices including email attachments,  files on cloud, it includes file reader and repairs infected files. The app can scan for spyware, Trojan horses, adware, hacker tools, dialers, key loggers etc,  it can scan websites for phishing URL, malware and web threats, scan downloaded files, scan zip files, scan in background, update automatically and keep up log.

Developer: Intego

Availability: Paid on App Store

5. McAfee WaveSecure


McAfee WaveSecure secures your data and device, using this app you can back up contacts, photos and videos to the cloud, restore your data to new device or access your data using any internet connected device. The app also allows you to track your device by plotting its location on the map.

Developer: McAfee

Availability: Paid on App Store

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Image Courtesy: lookout,symantec, trend micro, intego, mcafee

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