This Guy Built a Wooden Bladeless Fan from Scratch and It Looks Amazing

bladeless fan feat.

A bladeless fan is an interesting electronic appliance to keep in a house. However, most of them cost a fortune. Well, not if you make one for yourself. Well, a guy named Neil Paskin made a wooden bladeless fan from scratch using some glue and a cheap portable fan.

In a 28-minute video, Neil Paskin from the YouTube channel “Pask Makes” built a bladeless fan simply using some wooden planks, some glue and a portable fan that he bought online. Now, fair warning, he had all the necessary tools that helped him to build the fan completely from scratch.

First, he started the video by preparing some wooden planks while explaining his plan to make the fan. After preparing the wood pieces, he cut them into small pieces using a “wedgie” machine. Then he stuck the pieces together to make 12 pieces of rings with 3 different diameters. This means 4 big rings, 4 smaller rings to fit inside the bigger rings and another 4 very small rings that would make the stand for the fan. After that, he attached the rings together to build the rings.

Then used his tools to shape the rings into appropriate sizes so that all of them fit together. All this work took great precision and the guy used many innovative techniques to do the same. Finally, he bought a portable fan from an online platform and took it apart. He took the main control unit and the blade part of the fan and got rid of the unnecessary parts.

Then he modified his unit to fit the fan and Voila! There he had a wooden bladeless fan. Now, the way it works is when he turns on the fan that is underneath the hollow ring, the air travels up and passes through a slit between the inner and the outer rings of the fan.

The project took him just two days to complete and the final result was an amazing looking wooden bladeless fan that cost him much less than any of the bladeless fans available in the market. You can check out the video on his YouTube channel or simply press the play button above to watch it right away.

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