Take-Two Interactive Battles Remedy Entertainment over ‘R’ Logo

Take Two Remedy Entertainment Disputes
In Short
  • Remedy Entertainment has gone into a legal dispute against Take-Two Interactive.
  • The Rockstar Games' parent company claims that Remedy's new logo might confuse the players between them and the GTA developers.
  • Currently, both companies are partnering up for a Max Payne Remake.

In a bizarre legal battle development, Take-Two Interactive has taken offense over Remedy Entertainment’s newest logo. The Alan Wake 2 (review) company changed its iconic logo to a brand-new one last year before the game’s launch. And, while everything looked quiet over the next couple of months, the parent company of Rockstar Games, 2K, and Private Division, has a problem with this change.

First reported via the website RespawnFirst, Take-Two Interactive has an issue with Remedy Entertainment’s heavy usage of the letter R in the logo. The company filed the trademark dispute, citing that the brand-new logo stands to confuse gamers between Remedy Games and Rockstar Games, the Grand Theft Auto powerhouse.

X (formerly Twitter) user @usemyhandle also shared a post on their account. In it, we can see that the litigation was filed back in May 2023 at the UK’s Intellectual Property Office. As per the document, Take-Two disputed two versions of the logo.

The first one is the standard Remedy logo with the company name. The other is the Remedy logo with the R symbol. For reference, these are the two logos Take-Two has a problem with. As mentioned above, the company believes Remedy’s logos resemble the Rockstar one too closely.

Now, from an onlooker standpoint, this lawsuit doesn’t make sense, based on the claims by Take-Two. Rockstar Games’ logo has turned out to be an iconic one. Anyone can recognize the R and the accompanying star on the yellow background easily.

I believe even people not into video games might recognize that logo. Hence, to claim that the new Remedy logo might confuse gamers does sound like excessive worrying. This becomes even more absurd when you realize that Remedy Entertainment is developing the Max Payne Remakes for Rockstar Games.

However, it’s worth noting that the companies have a good working relationship with each other. So we hope the entities will sort it out in some time. Nonetheless, this litigation has managed to get some chuckles out of me.

What do you think about this logo dispute? Can you tell the difference? Drop your opinion in the comments below!

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