Smartphone Sales in the US on a Steady Decline in Q3 2019

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The US market sold 11.3 million smartphones in August which is down 4 per cent when compared with August 2018, says a Counterpoint Research report.

When looking at how the third quarter (Q3) of 2019 is shaping up, July and August volumes are down almost 10 per cent from July and August 2018 volumes.

However, according to Counterpoint Research, September was ruled by Apple.

“Certainly, the handset OEM will be challenged keeping momentum without a 5G offering through H1 2020. However, the opening weeks of the iPhone 11 sales were higher than expected,” Jeff Fieldhack, Research Director at Counterpoint Research, said in a statement.

During the opening weak and pre-sales, the iPhone Pro Max had the highest demand. The iPhone 11 Pro had the second-highest demand. The iPhone 11 had the least amount of early demand of the three new smartphones.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 remained the top seller of Android flagship smartphone within the major US carriers. However, volumes have been declining.

“The A10 e, A20, and A50 sales have helped fill the gap. Many variants have launched replacing J-series devices. Checks show the Note 10 has had a softer launch this year than last year. The Note 10+ sales have been stronger than the Note 10 out the gate,” Fieldhack added.

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