Smart speakers feat.

Here’s How Much Power Smart Speakers Consume

Smart speakers feat.

Have you ever wondered how much power your smart speaker consumes while it is sitting idle on the desk? Well, we do not usually think about that, right? So, let me tell you how much these IoT devices are actually costing you.

According to a recent report, it was found that an average Amazon Echo device consumes between 2W to 4W of power when it is in standby mode, that is when it is turned on and connected to Wi-Fi. However, when you stream songs or news on these devices, the power consumption peaks to 10W for the bigger speakers at times. However, most of the times an average power of 6W is consumed while streaming media.

Well, by the looks of it, the power consumption for these smart speakers is not much considering the price of 1 KiloWatt is approximately Rs. 5 in India. So, your smart speaker costs you around ~Rs 10.8 a month when in standby mode. The amount rises to ~Rs 21.6/month when you play songs on the speaker. So, if you continuously play songs on a smart speaker for a year, it’ll only cost you a mere amount of ~Rs 260!

So, it is quite comforting to find out that the smart speakers that are turned on 24/7, do not consume the power to cost us a fortune. However, if you do not use the speaker and it just sits idle, it will still cost you around Rs 44/year. Now, that would be a high amount for something which just sits idle on your desk.

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