Samsung Kiosk launched in Korea

Samsung Launched Its First Self-Service Kiosk with an Antibacterial Display in Korea

Samsung Kiosk launched in Korea

The Coronavirus-led pandemic, as we all know, has paved the way for various kinds of hygiene-focused products in the market. Now, although the vaccines are slowly making their to the masses, it is still not completely safe to visit public stores, restaurants, or cafes. So, Samsung has now come up with a solution that aims to help people order and pay for things at stores, restaurants, or pharmacies without coming in contact with a second person.

The South Korean giant has already launched a UV smartphone sterilizer and even a dedicated hand-washing app for Galaxy Watch. Now, the company has launched its first self-service kiosk that comes with a built-in ordering and payment system. This means that users can order things by interacting with the device and pay digitally using payment-modes like Samsung Pay.

The “Samsung Kiosk” comes as an all-in-one solution to order and pay for purchases at restaurants, retail stores, or cafes. It comes in three types – table type, stand type, and wall-mounted type. So, the device can be installed anywhere in a location, whether on a table or a wall.

Coming to the specs, the Samsung Kiosk is powered by the company’s high-performance System-on-Chip (SoC). This enables the device to operate independently, without requiring a separate PC. It runs on Samsung’s proprietary Linux-based OS Tizen.

Now, the most important element of the Samsung Kiosk is its 24-inch touchscreen display. This touch display has a special antimicrobial coating technology that, as per the company, “has an antibacterial effect of 99.99% or more on the surface”. It has also been tested and certified by the US safety standards organization Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Samsung also claims that despite the special coating on top of the display, the device will deliver clear image quality. This is because the antibacterial coating has high transmittance of 90% or more without being discolored by oxygen or sulfur components.

Apart from the above features, Samsung also added the Samsung Knox technology to the Samsung Kiosk. This, if you did not know, is the company’s multi-layered security solution that protects hardware and software components of a device from external threats such as hacking.

Moreover, the Samsung Kiosk managers will be able to control and change the settings of the device in real-time by using its Magic Info Management System.

The company recently launched the device in South Korea by partnering with FiServ Korea, a global payment and financial services company. Samsung also states that it is aiming to launch the device in global markets such as Australia and Asia in the coming months.

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