Roblox One Shot Codes for November 2023

While you can’t be Saitama in real life, the One Shot game in Roblox lets you live out that life in a virtual world pretty easily. What’s better is that having some handy codes for Yen and Spins doesn’t hurt either. We thought the same and collected working codes for the One Shot game in Roblox here. So without further ado, let’s get to it.

Working One Shot Codes October 2023

Note: As of writing this post, the codes below are working on 1st November 2023. We will automatically remove the expired codes once they stop working. Furthermore, these codes are case-sensitive, so keep that in mind when using them.

  • !code BrandNewUpdate – 1.5 Million Yen and 80 Spins
  • !code AegnoredComeBack – 500,000 Yen and 20 Spins

How to Redeem Codes in One Shot

Like other Roblox games, it’s easy enough to redeem codes in One Shot. Follow the steps below to do so.

  1. In One Shot, head over to the Chat Box on the top left. If it’s not open, simply click the icon to do so.
  2. Here, type out the code and press Enter once done.
  3. Within seconds, you should see a confirmation message saying your code has been redeemed and the benefits rewarded.
  • Roblox One Shot Codes for November 2023
  • Roblox One Shot Codes for November 2023
  • Roblox One Shot Codes for November 2023

List of Expired Codes

Disclaimer: The codes below are expired and, as such, won’t work. However, we have listed them down if you still want to try your luck. We will further move working codes to this section once they expire.

  • !code 1Mvisits – Spins and Yen
  • !code Big5.5k – 25 Spins, and 400k Yen
  • !code MetalBat – Spins and 500k Yen
  • !code Melih – 12 Spins, and 150k Yen
  • !code Sub2Infernasu123 – 50 spins
  • !code TheDeepIsCalling – 25 Skillset Spins rewards
  • !coe OneShot – 10 Skillset Spins rewards
  • !code MetalBatSoon – 400k Yen and 26 Spins
  • !code Soon – 450k Yen and 30 Spins
  • !code Blablibloubla – 350k Yen and 24 Spins
  • !code Aegnored – 200k Yen and 15 Spins
  • !code Gappy – 450k Yen and 30 Ability Spins
  • !code 1250LIKES – 300k and 25 Spins
  • !code iDrinkPepsi24/7 – 300k Yen
  • !code Ramadan2 – 400 Yen and 22 Ability Spins
  • !code Ramadan – 350k Yen and 20 Spins
  • !code TheBigRebalance – Free Yen and Spins
  • !code BigUpdateSoon – Free Yen and Spins
  • !code Mobile – Free Yen and Spins
  • !code Alien – Free Yen and Spins
  • !code RirukoiTheGoat2
  • !code ThanksFor7.5k – Yen and Spins
  • !code Mobile – Free Yen and Spins
  • !code Alien – Spins and Yen
  • !code RirukoiTheGoat2 – Spins and Yen
  • !code OneShotFansWhenCodeDelayedBy1Second – Rewards Spins and Yen

These are all the codes for One Shot on Roblox right now. Depending on how often you redeem them, you might run out of them quickly. However, don’t fret, as we will keep updating this guide with new codes as they become available. One Shot isn’t the only game to play on Roblox, though. Some of the best Roblox games you can play with friends are out there for you to enjoy, so make sure to get on that. Got another code we should add? Drop it in the comments below!

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