Continuing a string of confusing and weird decisions, including its decision to launch a cryptocurrency, Playboy has now announced a pair of headphones.

Called the Playboy Audio Icon 1, the headphones have been priced at $149 and come with the promise of better comfort thanks to their “ultra-portable, lightweight, ergonomic design.” The company is also claiming that “Our ultra-premium distortion-free sound combined with our powerful rich bass offers a superior industry-leading High-fidelity listening experience.”

Similar to most other Bluetooth headphones around this price, the Playboy Audio Icon 1 offer users the ability to listen over Bluetooth or connect an AUX cable to listen to music on the Icon 1. The company is also promising 22-hour battery life.

Inside the box, Playboy will pack in the headphones themselves, a hard-shell carrying case, a microfiber cloth for cleaning the headphones, a 48-inch AUX cable for wired listening, and a micro-USB charging cable.

The headphones are available to purchase on the Playboy website, so you can head over there, check them out, and if you’d like to wear the Playboy logo around your neck, and over your ears, well, they’ll set you back by $149.