Philips’ New 24-inch Android TV is Made for Your Kitchen

philips 24 inch android tv kitchen featured

Philips has released a new 24-inch Android TV that it’s hoping you might put in your kitchen instead of using a smart display, the likes of which are being made by a bunch of companies including Lenovo, and even Google itself.

The TV comes with Google Assistant support, and two far-field echo-cancelling microphones so users can use voice commands to control the TV, or their smart home devices as well. There’s also a remote, as one would expect from a TV, which also has a microphone, and should make it easier for users to control their TV when they don’t want to be in the kitchen screaming commands at a slab of glass.

Philips’ New 24-inch Android TV is Made for Your Kitchen

That slab of glass, by the way, will have a 720p display which might feel like it’s too low a resolution, but it’s pretty much a standard resolution for TVs of this size. There’s also a speaker unit on the base of the TV, which is where the mics are also included, along with a dedicated mic-off button for added privacy if you need it.

For I/O, the TV comes with two HDMI ports, an ethernet port, Digital Audio Out port, an Antenna-in port, and a USB-port, which should be enough for your needs in the kitchen.

The new TV has been priced at $299.99 and is expected to be available across major retailers in the US soon. According to Android Police, the TV was supposed to be available at launch, but isn’t even listed on the official Philips’ website. We also checked and as of this writing, the TV is not listed on the Philips website.

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