The NYT Might Start Charging for Wordle Soon; Here’s How to Continue Playing It for Free!

The New York Times Might Start Charging for Wordle Soon; Here's How to Continue Playing It for Free!

If you have been on social media recently, chances are you already know about the uber-popular word-guessing game Wordle by now. It is a simple web-based game where users need to correctly guess a five-letter word through trial-and-error. The game went viral on social media, and as a result, The New York Times bought it from its original owner Josh Wardle recently. Now, worried about the game being paywalled, people are copy-pasting Wordle to their desktop to continue playing it without paying up.

Wordle Might Be Paywalled Soon?

Now, for context, let me give you a quick brief about the whole Wordle situation. Following the massive surge in the popularity of the game, The New York Times recently bought the game for an “undisclosed price in the low seven figures”. It became a part of Times Games, which includes other small games like The Mini, Spelling Bee, and Crossword.

Although The New York Times mentioned that Wordle will initially be free-to-play for new and existing users, the word “initially” hints that the publication might paywall the game soon and charge a small fee to users, going forward. Citing this possible issue, people are now copy-pasting the game to their desktop to continue playing it without paying any charge.

Wordle Can Be Saved to My Desktop?

Wordle is a web-based game that generates random words daily, which players are required to guess. However, IT specialist Matt Dovey recently pointed out that Wordle works entirely in the client and can be saved to your desktop to play for free for a good couple of years or more. Dovey took to Twitter to explain this, and you can check out the tweet thread right below.

Furthermore, Dovey mentions that Wordle already contains the list of future words in its code and it simply picks a random word every day based on your computer’s date. So, the client is all you need to play the game and it can be easily saved to your desktop.

How to Save Wordle to My Desktop

Now, if you want to continue playing Wordle for free in the future even if The NYT puts it behind a paywall, follow the steps below to save the game to your desktop.

  • On the website, right-click to open up the context menu.
  • Click the “Save As” button or press Ctrl + S and save the webpage as “Webpage, Complete” on your desktop.
  • Now, you can access Wordle locally in your web browser anytime you want.

This way, even if The NYT puts Wordle behind a paywall in the future, you will be able to play the game for free. It is a nifty trick that can save you a bit of moolah and let you continue playing your favorite word-guessing game.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and use these steps to save Wordle on your desktop or laptop before The New York Times starts charging for it. Also, let us know your thoughts on this nifty trick in the comments below.

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