NYT Connections Today: Hints and Answers for June 13, 2024

NYT Connections June 13 Feature

Connections is a New York Times puzzle game where players have to figure out “connections” between various words and arrange them into groups of four. The game gives players 16 random words that are divided into categories they don’t know. Players only have four tries to get the correct answer, which makes the entire affair even more exciting! To help you out, we decided to break down all the categories and answers for the Connections puzzle for June 13!

What is “Connections”?

NYT’s ‘Connections’ is a puzzle game that’s all the hype on social media these days. You will find people solving and sharing their successes and failures on platforms like X (formerly Twitter), and more. The game is managed by Wyna Liu, NYT’s associate puzzle editor. Connections gives players 16 random words that must be divided into categories they don’t know.

NYT Connections June 13 Grid
Today’s NYT Connections Puzzle, June 13, 2024

What Are Today’s Connections Hints?

Let’s begin with some quick hints for today’s Connections themes. Check them out and see if you can guess any.

  • Yellow Category – Some things must be enjoyed
  • Green Category – Directors hope their movies are this
  • Blue Category – Often worn during election time
  • Purple Category – A word comes before all of these

We wish we could go into more detail here, but these hints are the best we can share. We also don’t think you need an additional hint for today. However, if you still can’t find them, read on to get some more help with today’s Connections.

Here are the Categories for Today’s Connections Puzzle

Need more help with today’s NYT Connections puzzle? Here are today’s categories:

  • Yellow – ENJOY
  • Purple – WORDS AFTER “COPY”

Here are the hints and answers for today’s NYT Strands.

We hope you can guess the words under each category now. However, If you still cannot and need more help, keep reading.

Here are the Answers for Today’s Connections Game (June 13)

Are you still stuck with the Connections puzzle? In that case, the answers to today’s Connections are:

  • ENJOY – Appreciate, Dig, Fancy, Like
  • BLOCKBUSTER – Hit, Sensation, Smash, Success
  • CAMPAIGN SWAG – Button, Hat, Shirt, Sticker
  • WORDS AFTER “COPY” – Cat, Editor, Paste, That
NYT Connections June 13 Answers
Today’s NYT Connections Answers for June 13, 2024

The Connections game for June 13 thankfully took a much easier approach than yesterday’s confusing journey. We do hope the answers above helped you solve the Connections puzzle for June 13.

Looking for Connections hints and answers for June 12? You can find them below:

How was your experience with Connections today? Where did you get stuck if you did? Let us know in the comments below.

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