NYT Connections Hints and Answers for November 17, 2023

I don’t know what the NYT Editorial team was thinking today, but it sure feels like their mood soured midway through creating today’s NYT Connections for November 17. One moment, I am having the time of my life, and the other, I’m left utterly confused with the words in front of me. If you wish to avoid suffering, then I suggest you keep reading as we discuss all the hints, categories, and finally, the answer for NYT Connections today.

Hint for Today’s Connections Themes

We start by hinting at the categories so we can help you out just a bit. Check out the hints below and see if you can guess some of the word categories.

  • Yellow Category – Not every exercise requires weights
  • Green Category – We all end emails differently
  • Blue Category – related to game with a pitcher
  • Purple Category – Surnames that have one thing in common

Additional Hint: The Major League Baseball has a lot of teams

We wish we could go into more detail in this section, but these hints are the best we can share for now. They are all closely related to the categories in question today, so think long and hard before you scroll below to see the exact categories. But if you find yourself stuck like this, then maybe trying these tricks to solve NYT Connections could work.

Spoiler Warning #1: While this section included hints for the categories, the next section names them directly. Make sure you’re ready to spoil the categories before scrolling.

Today’s Connections Category Names

If you still can’t figure out the names, then perhaps it’s better if we just tell you the categories in this section.


Spoiler Warning #2: We hope you can guess the words now. However, If you still can’t, then it’s time to scroll down. The next section includes the answer for today’s puzzle; you will see all the answers in their categories. This is your final chance to back up.

Connections Answer for November 17

Stuck with the puzzle even after the categories? In that case, the answers to today’s Connections puzzle are:

  • BODYWEIGHT EXERCISES – Dips, Lunges, Planks, Squats
  • EMAIL SIGN-OFFS – Best, Cheers, Regards, Thanks
  • M.L.B TEAMS, FOR SHORT – Cards, Jays, Nats, Yanks
  • ELIZABETHS (AND ONE ELISABETH) – Banks, Moss, Taylor, Warren
Connections Nov 17

Looking at these answers, even you will agree the weird rollercoaster today’s NYT Connections is. I began the game gloriously by solving the Yellow and Green categories back to back. I mean, anyone would have, given how basic they are. However, my entire ego got deflated when I realized that’s as far as I would get.

I moved on to the Blue and Purple categories but instantly got stumped. As someone who has zero experience in baseball, all these names made no sense to me. The fact that the Purple category was related to celebrity names confused me even more. Being hopeless, I turned to my colleagues for support. Sadly, even that fell flat today. Once we had exhausted all our chances, we lost and got the Connections answer for November 17.

What about you? How was your experience with today’s puzzle? Where did you get stuck if you did? Let us know in the comments below.

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