Career Experts, Must follow twitter accounts 2012If you are looking for a job and do not have a clue where to go or how to proceed, just sign-up for a free twitter account and start following these accounts to open a wide array of opportunities for yourself. Here is a list of 10 best career experts on Twitter that you should follow while still not giving up on efforts you are putting in at the moment.

1. @Glassdoordotcom

This is an official website of one of the biggest employee-driven website – Glassdoor not only provides you with the upcoming opportunities, it even acts like a spy and provides insight into salary, interview questions and much more. The website tweets some very helpful tips and links to keep you updated on the information required before you attend your next big interview.

2. @Jobhuntorg

A big name in the job recruitment industry, Susan P. Joyce is the owner of this Twitter account. Over the years she has built a good reputation for herself when it comes to recruitment tips. You just cannot afford to miss the information she shares and the tips she provides (free of cost!).

3. @lindseypollak

A next-gen career expert and a reputed corporate consultant, Lindsey Pollack is the spokesperson for LinkedIn. She is a Yale Grad and her tips are the best when it comes to job opportunities. Do we need give more reasons to follow her?

4. @WetFeet_Career

Wetfeet is the best source for carrying out career research, interview insights and information on the recruiting process. Wetfeet tweets about the latest in the job hunt news and keeps you updated on the latest trends.

5. @caliyost

The New York Times calls this women “one of the smartest” thinkers which is not at all false looking at the way she helps the companies to implement work and life flexibility programs within businesses. She tweets about how to be successful in your work and still find time for yourself and your family.

6. @alevit

If you are looking for a ‘meaningful job’, this is one Twitter account you should follow without thinking much. The tweets include ‘meaningful’ job advice, daily tips and stress management tips.

7. @AboutJobSearch

Job advice guru at since 1998, Doyle tweets links to her valuable articles and some other useful links. The tweets cover almost every aspect of the recruitment process right from common mistakes done in a resume to grabbing the right opportunity. You should follow her if you want to find out everything about getting a job.

Social media helps in ways more than you can think of. It does not only allows you to get in touch with your near and dear ones, it can even land you in your dream job (if implemented properly).

Courtesy for this article: Mashable