Meet mSpy- The Best Cell Phone Tracker

If you happen to be interested in tracking the cell phone activities of another person, mSpy would be your best bet. Having all the features of a regular spy app, it also offers some that are totally unique.

Being very popular for its ease of installation, mSpy ( can be quickly downloaded and run on the phone of your choice. As soon as you install the app it becomes hidden and runs silently in the background, logging the incoming and outgoing information unbeknownst to the phone user.


The app records the phone’s data and uploads it to an online server, which can be accessed by simply logging into one’s online account. mSpy is compatible with all leading mobile operating systems, including Android, Apple, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone. The only catch is that iPhones need to be ‘jail-broken’ before it can be installed. However, since the instructions on how to get that done are given, it does not become an issue.


Apart from the generic features of an average spy app, mSpy has some advanced ones which distinguish it from all others. Here is a list of the services it can offer:

• Read text and multimedia messages: This feature allows you to view all SMS and MMS going to and from the phone. Even if they are removed from the device, the logs will be present in your account. Details including the contact’s phone number, name (if it is saved) and time-stamps of the messages will also be displayed.

Call register: All the details of dialed and received calls are logged, including the contact details, time and duration of call and the number of calls that have been made to or received from a particular phone number. Again, this information is logged and uploaded to your account as soon as it is available, so deleting call logs from the phone will have no effect on your record.

Call recording: This is a rather impressive feature that allows you to listen to entire lengths of phone calls that the user makes or receives.

Read e-mails: Not only does mSpy allow to view all the exchange of e-mails occurring in the phone, you can also see the attached files that are sent from or received by the device.

GPS tracking: This service lets you view all the locations to which the phone has been on Google Maps, using its GPS. If the GPS happens to be turned off, mSpy can still track the phone and relay its location info to you.

View stored images and videos: Regardless of whether the photos or videos are made by the phone’s camera or were present before installation of mSpy, you will be able to access them from your account if they are saved in the phone’s memory.

View instant messenger activity: mSpy can intercept Skype calls and messages, as well as activity on apps such as WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook Messenger.

Secretly record the surroundings: This is done by activating the cell’s microphone. This can help indicate what kind of an atmosphere or gathering the person is present in.

Block calls: With this feature calls from any specific phone number can be blocked.

Control apps and web browsing: Games, inappropriate apps and adult website can be blocked if necessary.

Customer support: mSpy offers a free technical assistance service that is available 24/7 to cater to its customers’ needs.


These features can be very useful for particular purposes, such as:

Parental control: If teenagers become rather secretive and unruly, parents might want to keep track of their everyday activities without getting on their nerves. mSpy allows them to achieve this without their kids even knowing. It helps them ensure that their children are safe from harm and not associating with suspicious and potentially dangerous acquaintances. By viewing their GPS locations, parents can tell if their child has safely reached home or school, and stays away from places that he/she is not supposed to visit.

Keeping a check on employees: Maintaining an adequate workplace environment is necessary for a business to prosper. With mSpy, employers can track their workers’ cell phones and ensure that they arrive and leave on time, maximize their work hours and do not take extended lunch breaks. By checking the communications of their faculty members, employers can tell if they are leaking any of the company’s secrets to outsiders. This will help prevent occupational fraud which is causing more and more loss to businesses across the world.

Catching a cheating spouse: If you are suspicious that he/she is having an affair with someone, simply install mSpy on your spouse’s cell phone in his/her absence. Once installed, it will become undetectable, and will keep sending you logs of all the text messages and calls. You can see who your spouse is talking to as well as the content of the communications. GPS tracking will reveal the whereabouts of your spouse at any particular instance.

Finding a lost phone: mSpy can be of great use if the phone you are tracking goes missing. It can locate its coordinates on Google Maps so you may recover it easily, even if the cell’s GPS is turned off.


Keeping the above-mentioned attributes in mind, mSpy definitely happens to be the choicest tracking app available. It has a charge of $39.99 per month, and $59.99 for three months if you pay at once, which seems quite well deserved for all the amazing services it can offer.

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