“I Have to Hunt the Pokemon”: Man in Italy, When Stopped by the Police on the Streets

Pokemon Go italy feat.

As the death toll in Italy continues to rise due to the Novel Coronavirus, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has announced a country-wide lockdown. There are more than 35,000 cases in the country and the death toll has crossed the 2500 mark. Italy is the most affected country in Europe and is struggling to keep its medical situation at bay. However, for a resident of Lombardy, catching Pokemon is far more important than the deadly COVID-19.

The man is a resident of the Como province and was apparently not aware of the lockdown that was imposed by the Prime Minister. As the National police stopped the man on the streets of San Fermo, he reportedly said, “I have to hunt the Pokemon”.

According to the source, the man was apparently surprised when the Carabinieri stopped him and his daughter on the streets. This means that he was completely unaware of the crisis and was leading his regular life. But how can that be? This bamboozles me. For a country that is facing such a tough time, how can a man be unaware?

Now, after halting the man, the National police had no choice but to report him. So he will be joining the other 43,000 citizens in the country who did not abide by the lockdown regime.

What the people are not understanding is that we have to fight this pandemic and not help it spread. So, we request you to keep yourself updated with the latest updates from the WHO and the local health authorities. And please follow the basic instructions to avoid getting infected.

Shed it, don’t spread it!

VIA Newsweek
SOURCE Leggo.it (Italian)
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