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Apple introduced the latest Mac operating system named macOS Sequoia during its WWDC 2024 Keynote event. The new macOS 15 Sequoia features are complemented by a stunning gradient wallpaper and a fun Macintosh dynamic wallpaper/screensaver. We have grabbed the macOS 15 Sequoia wallpapers you can download right now. Even if you don’t want to install macOS 15 Developer Beta on your MacBook, you can still enjoy the new wallpapers. Besides Mac, you can download macOS 15 wallpapers on your Windows PC and Tablet as well. Here you go!

macOS Sequoia Wallpapers

Like every year, the latest macOS 15 Sequoia gets some new wallpapers so you give a fresh look to your desktop. There are two macOS Sequoia wallpapers- Helios and Macintosh. The “Helios” wallpaper features a dynamic gradient design with a fusion of vibrant warm and cool tones that creates a strikingly beautiful and energetic Mac desktop. The Helios wallpaper is available in light and dark versions.

The Macintosh wallpaper highlights retro Mac icons. It animates and dynamically shifts through different retro Mac graphics, and comes in Spectrum, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Dark Gray, Gray, Green, Accent, and Random. For each color, you get to choose from a light and dark version. The wallpaper is complemented with a matching Macintosh screen saver.

Compared to iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 wallpapers, macOS Sequoia wallpapers are hands down the best and most visually appealing.

To download macOS Sequoia wallpapers, click the link below:

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