This $6,700 iPhone 11 Pro Has a Piece of Steve Jobs’ Roll-Neck


Just in case the new iPhone 11 Pro series sounds affordable to you, Russian luxury iPhone maker Caviar might have exactly what you’re looking for. Caviar now offers a special limited edition of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max that could help you make a really expensive show-off.

Named the “iPhone 11 Pro Superior Jobs”, the device flaunts a design similar to the original iPhone as a move to pay tribute to the “immortal genius”. The Apple logo in the rear comes embedded with a tiny piece of the black roll-neck sweater worn by Steve Jobs. At the bottom, there is an autograph of Steve Jobs.

“As a tribute to the immortal genius, Caviar creates a model of the new iPhone 11 Pro in the style of that first iPhone model that has become a breakthrough in the world of technologies. The strict Apple design is embodied in the body of firm titanium: only clear lines and moderate color solution.”, describes Caviar’s product page.

The price of the iPhone 11 Pro Superior Jobs edition series starts at $6,700 and goes up to $7,880 for the maxed-out version. To put that in perspective, the regular iPhone 11 Pro Max 512 GB variant officially retails at $1,449.

In other news, Caviar also has special editions paying tribute to boxer Mohammad Ali starting at $20,780 and English rock band The Beatles starting at $15,760. Unlike the Superior Jobs edition, the number of units is lesser for these editions. The iPhone 11 Pro Superior Ali & Frazier will be limited to three pieces while the iPhone 11 Pro Superior The Beatles will be a one-off.

So, what are your thoughts on these luxury iPhones? Let us know in the comments.

Check-out Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Superior Jobs

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