iPhone 6 Plus Vs Galaxy Note 3 ‘Bend Test’ Video

i phone 6 plus Vs Galaxy Note 3 bend test videos

You must have heard about the drop test videos that often shows up after the release of a new high end smartphone but this is something different. I am not sure if anyone has done this ever, but Lewis from ‘Unbox Theraby’ has carried on bending test on both iPhone 6 plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in two subsequent videos on his official YouTube channel.

After seeing plenty of reports coming from different parts of the world about the bending of iPhone 6 plus inside people’s pocket, Lewis decided to do bending test on his newly bought iPhone 6 plus but the device failed terribly. After a couple of hours, he did the same test for Galaxy Note 3 with full force, but it didn’t bend at all.

Here I present both the videos for you. Check them out!

Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test Video

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Bend Test Video (iPhone 6 Plus Follow-up)

For the iPhone 6 plus owners, Go get a tough iPhone 6 plus case for your new smartphone. For everyone else, just enjoy the crazy videos. 😛

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After the iPhone 6 bending video went viral online, people started creating hilarious mock-ups of the same and that’s how we got yet another crazy Twitter Trend #bendgate . Here are the funniest BendGate Tweets. Check them out!


iphone 6 bendgate funny Twitter reaction 1


iphone 6 bendgate funny Twitter reaction 2


iphone 6 bendgate funny Twitter reaction 4 - Copy


iphone 6 bendgate funny Twitter reaction 3


iphone 6 bendgate funny Twitter reaction 5
KitKat’s reaction on #BendGate

This is a tough week for Apple!

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