Harman Kardon Launches a Slew of New Headphones and Speakers

harman kardon new speakers

Samsung sub-brand Harman Kardon has today announced its new line up of speakers and headphones for India. The company made the announcement via a press release, detailing all the new products it’s now selling in the country.

As far as headphones go, the company is introducing its FLY range of headphones in the market. There are three models here, each at a different price point and with differing features.


The FLY BT are the company’s in-ear Bluetooth earphones that come with 8.6mm drivers. These are your typical neckband Bluetooth earphones, and they come with Bluetooth 4.1 for some strange reason. The driver here has a frequency response in the 20Hz – 20kHz range, and Harman Kardon claims that the audio quality from the headphones is ‘sublime’, but that’s something I would like to check out for myself first.

The earphones offer 8 hours of playback on a charge and are equipped with ‘Speed Charge’. However, the company says it will take them 2 hours to get a full charge, which doesn’t sound all that fast after all. The earbuds are IPX5 rated, so they should be good enough for your workouts, and they come with a carrying case as well.

The Harman Kardon FLY BT are priced at Rs. 5,999 but are currently available at Rs. 4,999 on their website.


As the name suggests, these are truly wireless earbuds from Harman, and they look quite nice. The earbuds come in a single black colour option, and come with Bluetooth 5. Harman hasn’t specified driver sizes for the earbuds, but they do have a frequency response in the 10Hz – 20kHz range, so bass response should be better than the FLY BT.

Harman Kardon Launches a Slew of New Headphones and Speakers

The earbuds offer 5 hours of playback on a charge, and the charging case adds another 2 full charges, bringing the total listening time up to 15 hours. That’s not the best battery life I’ve seen for TWS earphones, but it’s still fine. Moreover, the earbuds come with all the features you’d expect from TWS earbuds. You get IPX5 rating, voice assistant support, touch control, ear detection, and more.

The FLY TWS are priced at Rs. 10,999 but are currently available for Rs. 9,999 on their website.


Lastly, if you’re looking for headphones with active noise cancellation, the FLY ANC are also available now. Priced at Rs. 20,999, these are over ear headphones. They feature 40mm drivers and a frequency response in 16Hz – 22kHz range.

Battery life is pretty solid here as well. You get 35 hours with a wired connection and ANC turned on. That drops down to 30 hours for Bluetooth without ANC, and 20 hours for Bluetooth with ANC.

Harman Kardon Launches a Slew of New Headphones and Speakers

The headphones aren’t IP rated, so don’t wear them out in the rain, but they do come with touch control.

Right now, the FLY ANC are available for Rs. 19,999 on their website.

Aura Studio 3

Building on the company’s Aura Studio line up of home speakers, the Aura Studio 3 brings the company’s iconic design up to 2020. It has a transparent enclosure and a new ambient lighting effect that makes the speaker look visually stunning as well. The speaker offers 360 degree sound thanks to its two 15W speakers with a tweeter, and a 100W subwoofer for bass.

Priced at Rs. 25,999, the Aura Studio 3 surprisingly comes with Bluetooth 4.2 which seems ridiculous to have at such a price tag.

Onyx Studio 6

There’s also the new Onyx Studio 6 which might just be the prettiest Bluetooth speaker I’ve seen so far. It comes covered in a fabric and has an aluminium handle for easy portability. The speaker is IPX7 rated, so you can use it anywhere in the house, and it offers 8 hours of playback on a single charge. Moreover, if you get two of these, you can make them a stereo pair for an even better listening experience.

Harman Kardon Launches a Slew of New Headphones and Speakers

The Onyx Studio 6 is priced at Rs. 15,999 but is available right now for Rs. 14,999 on the website.

Esquire Mini 2 and Neo

HK has also launched two portable Bluetooth speakers. The Esquire Mini 2 is the bigger of the two, which goes against the ‘mini’ in its name. The company says that the speaker offers 10 hours of playback on a charge and has a built in powerbank that you can use to charge your devices as well. It also comes with a conferencing system with noise cancellation so you can use it to take conference calls wherever you want.

Harman Kardon Launches a Slew of New Headphones and Speakers
Harman Kardon Neo

The Neo on the other hand is a palm sized Bluetooth speaker. It comes in a compact design, IPX7 rating, and offers a 10 hour battery life as well.

The Esquire Mini 2 is priced at Rs. 11,599 and the Neo is priced at Rs. 7,999.


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