Multiple Reports Claim GTA 6 Not Being Delayed to 2026 After All

GTA 6 cover Lucia and Jason in Vice City colors
Image Courtesy: Rockstar Games
In Short
  • Kotaku had earlier published a report claiming that GTA 6's release date might slip into 2026.
  • However, that claim has since been doubted by Insider Gaming and Bloomberg's Jason Schreier.
  • Both parties have mentioned that not only is there no concrete proof of GTA 6 being delayed, but there's no way to tell what will happen 21 months from now.

Rockstar Games just cannot seem to stop struggling with all the GTA 6 leaks and rumors. Amidst everything coming out, a recent report by Kotaku claimed that the game might slip into 2026. This naturally caused a lot of panic among gamers and even caused Take-Two Interactive shares to drop. However, a recent update by Insider Gaming has shed more light on the entire thing’s inaccuracy.

The confirmation comes out of multiple sources including Insider Gaming and Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier. Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming reportedly spoke to multiple sources close to the game’s development. Of all the people asked, every source confirmed that GTA 6’s development is “on schedule” and reports of any delay are “pure conjecture.”

In his Game On newsletter, Jason Schreier discussed the same. He further mentioned that while there’s a chance that GTA 6’s release date would fall out of 2025, ” it would be impossible for anyone to state definitively that the game will be ready in 21 months.”

“In reality, video games are always behind schedule and risk getting delayed at any time — especially when they’re as ambitious and under as much pressure as the next Grand Theft Auto.”

Now, it seems GTA 6’s development was never delayed, and making a chaotic judgment was pure speculation. Kotaku has since altered its piece and attached an update mentioning that early 2025 is no longer the target for GTA 6. However, this was expected, as most gamers already had Fall 2025 in mind.

Keep in mind that Red Dead Redemption 2 was also delayed by a year after being announced for a 2017 release date. Whatever the case, it seems that asking employees to the office was to keep both productivity and security in check. As Rockstar Games has had a bad experience with leaked data, the leak seems like a bigger concern.

What do you guys think of this interesting update? Do you think GTA 6 will be released in 2025? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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