Confused about choosing a college? Don’t worry, Google has you covered. Google had had a college search feature for quite some time now but it was limited to 4-year colleges, and well, the company has now updated the feature to support 2-year colleges and show more in-depth details and insights including knowledge graphs will be shown whenever you’re browsing on mobile.

The information shown includes important details like the programs offered and the total cost of the course inclusive of books. The cost is diversified to give perspectives on in-state and out-state options.

It will also show you details regarding campus life like social and economic diversity to know what to expect from college. Also, a list of notable alumni from the institution will be shown on the results page.

If you want to dive deep in and explore minute details, you may do so using the new exploration tool which is available on both mobile and desktop. This tool lets you add more filters to narrow down your search results.

It also helps in comparing characteristics among colleges to pick the one that might be suitable for you. You can filter based on course duration, distance, region and even acceptance rates of the college. Take a look at the below GIF for better understanding.

The exploration tool will also show you top articles where the institute is mentioned and related videos if you’re interested to know more about the college.

In case you’re wondering where Google gets all these data from, it is from the U.S. Department of Education’s College Scorecard and Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System and all these data are already public. The feature is already available in the U.S now and will be expanding to more regions in the future.

SOURCEGoogle Blog