google TV app / Google brings apple tv+ support on Google tv feat.-min

Google TV Will Ship with a ‘Basic Mode’ for DTH, Streaming Device Users

google TV app / Google brings apple tv+ support on Google tv feat.-min

With the launch of the new Chromecast last year, Google TV was birthed to overhaul the existing Android TV experience. It brings a modern UI with content suggestions from your favorite streaming apps, including the recently added Apple TV+. Google aims to transition from Android TV to Google TV over the next two years.

But, if you are not a fan of the curated experience and new smart features then as per 9to5Google’s latest report, you will be able to opt-out with a new ‘Basic TV’ setup process. The Google TV setup screen lists that you will get access to five features. It includes movies and TV shows from your favorite streaming apps, Google Assistant control, personalized recommendations, Live TV, and external device support.

Now, if you do not plan on using Google TV, you can choose the ‘Set up basic TV’ option to gain access to only two of the aforesaid five features. This includes Live TV and external devices via HDMI, USB, and other ports. You will see a home screen with only a ‘Dashboard’ option. It lets you access some of the settings, time, ambient mode, and more. You can check out more screenshots on 9to5Google right here.

Image Courtesy: 9to5Google

As 9to5Google rightly points out, this option could be really helpful sometime in the future. How? When your hardware ages, your smart TV’s software and performance won’t be able to keep up. Then, you will have 2 options — buy a streaming dongle or simply use the TV with a set-top box. The basic mode assists with the latter and will declutter the experience by removing all of the smart features. Thus, it will make the TV easier to use, say for your grandparents.

The basic TV setup will reduce the load on the smart TV and you can access your Mi TV Stick or Fire TV Stick using the HDMI port. There’s no use for Google TV in this case. So, we will see this handy option in upcoming smart TVs from Sony and TCL.

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