Google has today announced sweeping changes to the company’s portfolio of advertisement products by rebranding and merging old solutions such as AdWords and DoubleClick to create new divisions, making it easier for businesses and advertisers to choose the most suitable option.

As part of the overhaul, the company has launched three new ad products, Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, and Google Ad Manager, to help publishers and advertisers reach out to a wider audience and boost their income by using new and innovative solutions.

Google Ads

After serving for over 18 years, the Google AdWords platform has been rebranded to Google Ads, which is focused on helping small businesses connect with a wider audience and boost engagement. Google Ads introduces Smart Campaigns, a new solution which allows small businesses to launch effective ad campaigns within a few minutes and generate results like getting a higher number of calls from customers, increase footfall from local audience among other objectives.

Google also plans to launch a new tool for Google Ads called Image Picker later in 2018, that will allow small businesses to choose the best combination of image and text-based advertising suggested by the tool to gain more exposure.

Google Marketing Platform

Google has unified DoubleClick Search and Google Analytics 360 Suite into a single product called Google Marketing Platform, which introduces an integrated solution for businesses to ‘plan, buy, measure and optimize digital media and customer experiences in one place’. 

The Google Marketing Platform brings support for more than 100 integrations with exchanges, measurement solutions and other technology providers. It also introduces a new Integration Center to help businesses discover and establish connections between products with relative ease.

The erstwhile DoubleClick Search, which is now Search Ads 360, will let business owners manage their search campaigns, while the new Display 360 and Video 360 platforms integrate Google’s display advertising products to launch effective ad campaigns.

Google Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager unifies the monetization tools of DoubleClick For Publishers and Doubleclick Ad Exchange, allowing publishers to monetize their content across different platforms more efficiently. Google Ad Manager is a one-stop shop to seed, assess and optimize ads on all formats where the audience is engaging with them, be it smartphone apps, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), TVs, or web platforms such as YouTube and Apple News.

With this revamp, Google is streamlining the various products in its ad business, which could have intimidated new website owners and businesses which have just come online. This should give these newbies a clearer idea of the range of services and possibilities, while practiced Google ad partners can continue to run ads just like in the past under the new products.