Google Chrome Gets New Shopping Features to Help Users this Holiday Season

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The holiday season is upon us, which means people are looking to buy various things to gift to their loved ones. To simplify the shopping process for you (especially for all last-minute shoppers), Google has announced new shopping-focused features for Google Chrome. In a recent official blog post, Google has detailed some tips and tricks for online shoppers to finish off their holiday shopping. Here’s how Google is helping.

Google Will Now Help With Your Holiday Shopping

Track Price Drops on Chrome for Android

Starting with the first one, Google is adding a new price-drop tracker to the open-tabs grid on Chrome for Android. The tracker will show the current price alongside the original price of an item on top of a tab in the open-tabs grid of the browser.

With this, you can see the discounted price of an item right away, so that you can keep track of the price change on the Chrome app. You can check out the screenshot attached below to see the feature in action.

Google Chrome price drop tracker feature

Although Google’s screenshot shows the feature working for its own store, it is expected to work for other retailer sites like Amazon and Best Buy.

Search with Snapshot from the Address Bar

The search with snapshot option will allow you to search for items on online websites with an image taken with Google Lens from offline stores. If you are out shopping in the market looking for gifts and find something interesting, you will be able to tap the Lens icon on the address bar in Chrome for Android to take a snapshot of the item and search for it on online platforms.

Furthermore, the company has confirmed that the feature will roll out for Chrome’s desktop version as well. You will be soon able to use an image to make a search in Chrome for Windows and Mac with the new “Search images with Google Lens” option.

Shopping Cart Integration

Another nifty feature coming to Chrome for Windows and Mac is the shopping integration with different e-commerce websites. With the new Your cards feature, you will be able to open a new tab and see all the items you have added to shopping carts on different retailer websites.

This will help you bring all their desired items and products in one single place to browse through them all. Plus, Google mentions that it will partner with websites like Zazzle, iHerb, Homesquare, and Electronic Express for this feature, which can even provide people with extra discounts.

Other than this, Chrome will also make it easier for you to same easily sign into accounts created on shopping sites and will also simply the checkout process by saving the address and payment details. It is worth mentioning that the features will be exclusive to the US and will not be available for users in other regions. So, if you are a US resident and are looking to shop online, the above features for Google Chrome might come in handy at some point. Let us know your thoughts about them in the comments below.

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