Google Assistant Can Now Help Troubleshoot Problems on Pixel 2 Devices

google assistant troubleshoot

Though the Google Assistant is already quite proficient in assisting you with your work on your smartphones, it will now be acting your troubleshooting partner as well. It will serve you with questions to inquire about the issue and help you resolve the same, without you having to scour the Internet for a probable solution.

This functionality of the Google Assistant, which will come in quite handy, was previously unknown has now been discovered by an inquisitive user. Android Police reports that the said user was troubled because his Pixel 2 XL wasn’t charging up to 100%, so he decided to inquire the Google Assistant about it.

And very much to his (and now our, as well) surprise, the Google Assistant responded by initiating a troubleshooting process. It started checking the battery’s health and did also highlight all the apps that were draining the battery on your device. The troubleshooting process not only works for battery issues but can also be initiated for Bluetooth, and camera troubles as well.

If you’re running the latest Android 8.1 Oreo developer preview on your Pixel 2 devices, it is not that difficult to initiate the troubleshooting process on your device. You just need to inform the Google Assistant about the issue you’re facing with one of the functions on your Android device.

The Assistant will then start the troubleshooting process and start asking you questions to dig deeper to resolve your issue, with steps on how you should go about it. even we were able to make Google Assistant launch the troubleshoot service on our Pixel 2, check it out:

google assistant troubleshooting

If the Google Assistant’s troubleshoot assistance is not enough to help solve your issues, it can still redirect and connect you to Google’s support team. This feature has been available in Pixel 2 devices from the start but the troubleshooting service is surely new and probably current being tested via the Android 8.1 Oreo developer preview.

So, if you own a Pixel 2 device and are running the latest Oreo developer preview, do check out this new feature of the Google Assistant. Let us know your experience in the comments down below.

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